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Kill Thy Neighbour Review

I am really enjoying watching true crime series’ that delve into one subject only because that means many victims that would not get their stories heard now get the chance to, and having this show focus on neighbours was really fascinating, because you could think you know someone in your life and live by them for many years but really you know nothing at all.

Kill Thy Neighbour looks at neighbours who have killed someone around them, but not only people in housing situations but also as neighbours in terms of towns and allotments. The first episode was a really fascinating story about an elderly woman who was killed by her neighbour of a plot in an allotment and it really showed that a neighbour isn’t just the person you live next to; anyone in your street, in your area or even the person next to you in other areas of land that you own are also your neighbour and could also be deadly.

I really enjoyed this series because you got to know the people so intimately and that really helped paint a picture of who they were and how they ended up in the situation they did. You also got to hear from family members who have to live on knowing that they were killed by someone that they were close to in their lives, and obviously the ramifications that it has on the town where it happened, including other neighbours in the vicinity as well as the police force.

This series was really interesting and the story was so unique that despite it all being about neighbourly hatred and death there was always a different reason and motive and story to be told. I really liked how it wasn’t constantly the same type of neighbours that were being spoken about in the show but many different types that you wouldn’t even think of as neighbours in your day-to-day life.

I really enjoyed the show and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys true crime. As this one doesn’t focus on big-name cases that we already know and have other documentaries about it really gives lesser-known victims their chance to tell their story through their friends and family and gives you as an audience member an understanding of what to look out for in your own neighbours, whether that be shady goings-on, sudden changes in behaviour or just being more wary of who you have around you and what secrets they may be hiding.

What do you think of Kill Thy Neighbour?

Until next time.

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