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Why RuPaul is Ruining Drag Race

I waited a while to watch this season because I have found that my life has become a bit bogged down with Drag Race and I needed to take a break, and while that break was good for me so I could really enjoy this season, it also made me realise what I hate about Drag Race.

Drag Race UK season three follows the same style as all the other Drag Race seasons except in a couple of episodes for no reason at all Ru decides that the two top queens have to lip sync to win that episode. It didn’t add much to the show and I feel two lip-syncs each episode might have been a bit much, but it was fun to see the Queens fighting for something other than their place in the show.

And I found this season really funny! All the Queens had something about them that was enjoyable, each of them bought their own pizzazz and personality to the show and I really appreciated that, especially with a lot of UK humour it’s quite dry and pointed and punny and these Queens really amp’d that up and had me giggling along quite a lot. But it also showed me the one area of Drag Race as a whole that I absolutely despise, and the reason why I find it so hard to watch the show.

It’s not just the fact that we have so many different countries doing Drag Race or the fact that a new season is churned out basically every six months, it’s the fact that RuPaul seems to be so disconnected from it now. He has become too big of a name and expects too much from Queens who do not have what he has in his repertoire. He has said on plenty of occasions that he doesn’t do his own make up, but can you imagine a Queen not doing her own make up in the show? She’d be blasted for it and eliminated immediately! He has the most expensive outfits that he only wears once, he has yes-men around him all the time, and that kind of big headedness really sours it for me because he is so disconnected from what these Queens are going through.

It’s as if he can’t remember what it was like starting out as a new Drag Queen. These Queens nowadays have so much to deal with, with social media and expenses, and having the best looks and wigs and dresses and make up etc. but there comes a point we have to think: how can you even afford this? Surely some liberty should be taken for Queens that are new to the scene or don’t have all the money in the world, especially after the couple of years we’ve gone through where Drag shows had to be stopped and these peoples’ livelihoods had to come to an end for awhile. Where were they supposed to buy their expensive dresses then when they can’t even pay rent?

I also find it annoying how RuPaul is so disconnected from UK drag and humour. The UK Queens are hilarious, they’re incredible, the jokes they make and the things they say are so funny yet so much of it goes over RuPaul’s head because he just doesn’t take the time to really look into it and understand it. I don’t even understand how he can be the main component of Snatch Game when he doesn’t know everyone that is being referenced in the show and how can that be fair? How can he be the one to judge these Queens on references and parodies when he doesn’t even know what they’re on about? And another thing that annoys me is in one of the episodes the Queens made a poop joke which the judges found disgusting, whereas when a poop joke is written into the script that the producers created for the show the judges found it hilarious, the double standards are ridiculous and I can’t stand it!

I love Drag Race UK and I personally feel going forward in my life Drag Race UK for as long as it lasts will be the only drag show that I will watch on TV because I cannot keep up with All Stars and Drag Race US etc. There’s just too much to it now and having RuPaul on my screen that much just infuriates me. The Queens are incredible, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore watching the Queens because they’re so interesting. Their personalities are fantastic and they all bring something so interesting to the show, however the actual show is so tainted for me now that I’d much rather watch them in a different way that doesn’t involve Drag Race then watch them on Drag Race and support them there.

I’d love to know what you think on this topic. Am I being overdramatic and silly with my outlook or does it hold some weight? I truly feel RuPaul is ruining Drag Race and based on people that I follow that have also said similar things I don’t think I’m the only one. I definitely feel they should get a UK Drag Queen to judge UK Drag because then at least they would understand what’s going on all of the time and not just some of the time. We saw in season two and we saw it partly in season one that RuPaul is just not the one for Drag Race UK.

Until next time.

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