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Doctor Who: Village of the Angels Review

I was both excited and worried for this episode. I absolutely love the weeping angels as a concept however as I said in previous reviews, the Matt Smith era really did do them an injustice with how they were portrayed, so was this episode as good as it could’ve been or were there issues?

Village of the Angels starts when a weeping angel takes over the TARDIS and transports the Doctor and her companions to a small village in England in the 60s where a young child has gone missing. It’s known that this village is known for having all the residents disappear twice in history, and both times this was down to the weeping angels.

In this episode we see parts of the David Tennant era and the Matt Smith era come back to play including the fact that whenever we, as the audience, look at the angels they do not move. And how in the Matt Smith era an image of an angel could become an angel so any sketches, TV images, or even images implanted in your mind could create an angel, including yourself becoming one too.

I have both good points and bad points with this episode but the one point that really annoyed me was that the angels rarely showed their scary face. In Blink, the first episode with the weeping angels, they looked horrendous! While in this episode they stayed looking as angelic as they did when they were just playing statues and it really didn’t scare me that much. The overuse of sound effects too really diminished the horror of the episode and seeing an angel on fire, while probably scary in the moment, really didn’t have that fear effect on me.

That’s not to say that when the Blink episode came out I was a child watching and that’s what made it scary because even now as an adult watching that episode back it still scares me as much as the first time, so it’s not my adult desensitisation taking away the fear of the weeping angels, it is the angels themselves no longer having that hold and fear over the audience…at least audiences that have seen them in prior seasons.

However for all the bad points about the angels and sound affects, the actual storyline was really interesting. I did find it annoying how characters in the village reacted to the angels, I know that they wouldn’t have been exposed to them before but it just seemed a bit silly especially as they weren’t as scary as they could’ve been. However meeting the Doctor (Doctor Jericho) that was working on the patient with the angel inside her that has taken her hostage was really interesting and I really enjoyed his inclusion too. And the fact that the Doctor and the companions were so close but so far apart in that they were trapped in two different time zones in the same village was a really interesting idea and added a whole new element of excitement and wonder of what’s going to happen to the show as a whole.

I also like as we’re getting more into this season we are becoming more accustomed to what the flux is and what is happening, and I find the ending with the Doctor becoming an angel herself was really exciting because you wanted to continue watching to know what was going on. It may not have had that fear factor that I hoped for but the episode was still an enjoyable watch and one of the better ones Things that would be questions are now being answered and the confusion isn’t there anymore, and now you can actually enjoy it for what it is.

What do you think a Village of Angels?

Until next time.

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