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Stranger Things: The massacre at Hawkins Lab Review

This episode left me feeling sick and I honestly think it’s a mixture of fear and excitement and the unknowing of where this is going to go and how emotionally damaging it is going to be for me and so many other fans of the show out there.

The massacre at Hawkins Lab finally gives us the answer as to what happened all those years ago when Eleven was still in the facility. We also find out the origin of Vecna and how he became who he is, as well as Nancy finally being attacked by him for her guilt and the part she played in the death of Barb in season one.

In this episode we have lots of highs and lots of lows, not only do we have the main group on the run now hiding from the police while trying to work out what to do about the upside down but also Joyce and Murray finally being reunited with Hopper having now escaped the terrible prison. It was such a bittersweet moment because we wanted the happiness and the excitement of the reuniting of the two most beloved adults in this franchise but it was overlooked so much by the fear you felt that they still weren’t safe in the situation, especially now with a Demogorgon on the loose.

The one thing I found interesting about this episode was that Will and Mike’s storyline didn’t feature at all, for an hour and 40 minute episode you would’ve thought that their storyline may have had a bit of an inclusion but clearly not and I’m glad they didn’t include it because I feel it would’ve affected the pacing, there isn’t enough in that story right now to warrant us going back and watching them and I’m excited to see how they come into the next episode. I’m also terrified of continuing to watch because I know it is going to be an emotional rollercoaster that I really don’t think I’m prepared for, the amount of love I have for these characters not only seeing the younger ones growing up through the years but also seeing the adults becoming stronger characters is so deeply ingrained within me now that seeing any of them harmed or murdered absolutely terrifies me.

This episode was the perfect buildup to the final three and I hope they do not disappoint. I know there will be many tears and emotional heartbreak during it and if I didn’t know there was a season five coming I would worry more about the cast of characters’ chances of living past this season, as they could easily kill a few off because it wouldn’t matter, but knowing that there is a season five gives a few of them plot amour that in some ways I wish they didn’t have because then it’ll be so much more tense to watch.

I can’t wait to watch the finale even if I am terrified of it. This story in all of Stranger Things past has been the strongest and most exciting one I think we’ve had, it has been gut wrenching, emotional and just so well done that I’m not ready for it to be over yet.

What do you think of The massacre at Hawkins lab?

Until next time.

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