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Stranger Things: The Dive Review

Thank God the lull of episode five was only a fluke. This episode was absolutely fantastic for bringing the excitement back to the show and has finally started revealing some more answers that I hope will be fully explained as the season goes on.

In The Dive we follow Eleven for most of the episode as she goes through a lot of tests to be able to get her powers back, and through these tests we see more of her time in the facility explained to us and what caused the massacre that we saw in the first episode. Alongside this storyline we also see that Eddie is still being hunted by the police but is also now being hunted by the people of Hawkins too as they believe he is part of a devil worshipping cult, as are Dustin and Mike, and this puts them in danger. In this group as well we see that they have finally found an opening to the upside down which, in the last moments of the episode, we see Steve being pulled through and being attacked. This is where the episode ends and as of right now we don’t know whether he will survive or not.

As you can see this episode had a lot going on which was very exciting. We also got to see Joyce and Murray make more steps towards Hopper as well as seeing the fact that the bad prisoners of this prison are fed to a Demogorgon that Hopper has previous knowledge of. This seemed like the most slow burn of the three storylines but I am excited to see what happens because that drive to have him be reunited with his family and friends is what keeps the excitement of this storyline going.

Overall this episode was really interesting because it opened up so many new tidbits about the different storylines and where they are going. I enjoyed the inclusion of Dustin‘s girlfriend again as she is an absolutely brilliant character and I’m glad that she is still part of the story, and I wonder if she will play more into the episodes to come. This season has been absolutely brilliant and I’ve really enjoyed it despite the lull of the last episode, and in some ways I’m worried for it to end because I will miss watching it, but at the same time I hope it comes to the conclusion that really meets my expectations.

What did you think of The Dive?

Until next time.

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