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Stranger Things: Papa Review

I definitely feel this episode was the beginning of the end, this episode opened up a lot of gateways to storylines that are finally converging with one another and it really built up this suspense and excitement for the final episode that I can’t wait to watch.

In Papa we see Eleven finally escape the facility that she has been held in and her reuniting with Will and Mike as well as Will’s brother and friend. Back in Hawkins we see the group start to prepare weapons to fight Vecna as well as them running into the jocks that are after Eddie for what he has supposedly done, and I’m sure they will play a part in the final episode too causing mass issues for the group and realising that what they think happened actually didn’t.

Alongside this we are still in the Soviet Union with Hopper, Murray and Joyce who are finally hoping to get out of the country and back to America, but this still seems quite a hard mission. I’m interested to see how they get on in the final episode because they are so far away from the rest of the group and whether them flying such a terrifying machine would be the reason for their deaths if they do die.

This episode was really interesting and kept me engaged throughout because I felt that a lot of storylines that we will see happen in the final episode started coming together. I’m scared for the group because I have such a deep love and connection to them watching them grow up on my screen and I just hope that nothing bad happens to the main lot, but at the same time I kind of hope it does because then that shows that the show isn’t holding back and will happily kill a fan favourite just because they can.

This episode could be seen as a bit of filler if it wasn’t for the excitement of the final episode, especially as not much really happened in it apart from the groups coming back together and preparing for the final fight, but I know that the final episode is going to be an emotional rollercoaster and I am very excited and scared to get into it. In some ways having this final moment of togetherness with the group feels like a good way to send them off before whatever happens in the finale does.

What do you think of Papa?

Until next time.

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