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Midnight in the Switchgrass Review

How can a movie have such A-list celebrities and be so bad?

Midnight in the Switchgrass looks at a serial killer that we know from the outset who kills prostitutes in his local area. He has also kidnapped some of these women too before killing them and this gives him a lot of interesting depth as to why he is doing it and how he is doing it too. His motive is that he seems to be a God-fearing man and so sees these women as disgusting and degenerates that deserve to be punished makes for a really interesting plot point, even if it isn’t explored too much.

The whole way through the film Megan Fox’s character and Bruce Willis’ character, who works for the FBI, are hunting down the serial killer using Megan as bait to reel him in. Alongside this we see them work with Emile Hirsch’s character, who personally for me had the worst Southern accent in the world, as he is the local deputy that is exploring the murders and trying to piece together why and how they are happening.

As you can see this film has some good actors in it but unfortunately the actual story just felt a bit flat and I don’t know whether it was the camera work, the cinematography, or just the storyline but it all felt a bit clunky and cheap. I don’t understand how this film can get such incredible actors to work on it and then end up with a product that did not meet my expectation at all. I thought this would be a really interesting film, something that I have seen before with films like Untraceable, but this one just felt so underwhelming and isn’t one that I would watch again or recommend.

The premise is great, the location is interesting, it’s everything else that goes into this film makes it feel cheap. There are so many serial killer crime based films out there but this is one that I would not recommend because it is just not interesting enough. Don’t waste even the hour and a half of your life watching it and enjoy something else that may be slightly longer but has so much more depth and intrigue in it that it will actually be worth your time.

What did you think of Midnight in the Switchgrass?

Until next time.

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