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The Holiday Review

I binge watched this show in a day because it is so fantastic and a really easy watch too. What I love about it is the constant twists and turns that you never know where they’re going to go and what you think is the truth at the start of the season quickly turns into something else that you would’ve never seen coming.

Kate and her husband Sean meet up with Kate’s university friends for a luxury holiday abroad. Kate and Sean have two children and many of the group also have children too so it’s a big family holiday for them all. However early into the holiday Kate finds some secret texts between Sean and a mystery woman and it is revealed that this woman is someone else on this trip, Kate immediately believes Sean is cheating and this begins the story of Kate finding out who out of her best friends is sleeping with her husband.

Throughout the show more is revealed when we find out that there are a lot more secrets going on in each of the peoples’ lives, from Jenny trying to keep her family together when her son Jake is incredibly angry and violent, to Rowan and her husband having fertility issues and even Izzy, a late comer to the party, who has secrets all of her own.

But it doesn’t just stop there, not only do the adults in the show have secrets but so do the children, including Lucy the daughter of Kate and Sean, who had a revenge porn video shared about her and the consequences of her dealing with this video still reeling in her mind.

It’s a fantastic show because at the start you believe that the whole story is going to be about a cheating spouse yet as you continue further into the storyline you soon realise that what you and Kate assumed at the beginning is completely wrong and the actual truth is a lot darker but also a lot more deep, and suddenly your whole world is turned upside down because you as the audience member realises things as Kate does too and you start to second-guess your own assumptions and why you thought what you did in the first place.

If you love thrillers and mystery dramas then this will be right up your street, the characters have great depth and have interesting storylines that’ll keeps you hooked from the very beginning, and the fact that it’s only four episodes long means you can binge watch it in no time and really get the full feeling of the story and what is going on. With the constant twists and turns you never know what will happen next. I also love the fact that it’s based on a book and after watching the show, much like I did with One of Us is Lying, I am intrigued to read the book to see how that holds up and how much more in depth we get with these characters and see what parts of the plot they had to leave out for time sake.

I highly recommend this show and I can’t wait for more dramas like this to come to light that possibly I wouldn’t have watched before due to the channel they are on. This show initially aired on Channel 5, a TV channel that I don’t often watch, yet when it came to Netflix I knew it would be right up my street. I’m excited for more cross promotion of things that will be my cup of tea to find more incredible pieces of work that would’ve slipped under the radar if they hadn’t come to my attention.

What do you think of The Holiday?

Until next time.

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