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Blown Away Review

I have fallen down the hole of Netflix competition shows recently and this is just the most recent of a long line of them. Blown Away is a brilliant competition show that has half an hour long episodes, so super easy to watch and will keep you engaged from start to finish.

Blown Away follows glassblowing competitors as they try to win the big prize of being able to have their own exhibit at a museum. Each episode we see them create different pieces of art from blown glass, whether that be food items, decanters or even an interactive sculpture. Each episode brings something new to the table and it is fascinating to see the artists grow and change throughout the show and hone their skills even more.

What I love about shows like this is that you could have the craziest, weirdest hobby in the world and make something out of it. It shows that you don’t have to go into the corporate world that everyone seems to think they need to be in to survive and you can allow your creativity and interests to take you somewhere completely different and make a life from that. I find this so inspirational, we are told to get an office job and that creative endeavour we love is just a pipe dream, whereas these people are out there making something out of it and it’s so incredible to watch.

This show is very easy to watch with each episode being less than half an hour long, it flies by quickly and it’s easy to find your favourite contestants and your least favourite contestants too. I would highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys creative competition shows, especially something different from the usual baking shows that we see a lot on TV. This one really opened up the world of glassblowing and shows you that if you have enough passion and perseverance in what you love you can make it something incredible.

What do you think of Blown Away?

Until next time.

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