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How to Please a Woman Review

What a fantastic film! It reminds me of Book Club because I definitely feel it is made for women of that age, women who have been taught their mother’s ways of the 40s and 50s, of one husband and how his pleasure comes first, and now finally these women are able to explore their own pleasure because of the 21st-century and it being spoken about more.

How to Please a Woman follows Gina, a 50-year-old woman who is suddenly let go by her job because, it is insinuated, of her age. Gina is bought a stripper by her friends for her birthday and instead of doing what he is usually made to do, she makes him help clean her house. Suddenly she finds a gap in the market of men who are happy to strip for women’s pleasure while also cleaning their homes, a very niche market that I can definitely see a lot of people buying into.

The men that Gina hires are part of a moving company that her old job wanted to terminate due to the lack of sales. In someways these men would be out of a job if it wasn’t for Gina and her unorthodox business. She thought it would just be a cleaning company but seeing how attractive some of the men are, the clients start using them for the skills that they had learnt through stripping, but soon realise that these men aren’t fully equipped to pleasure the women in the way they want. These men believe that just because they’ve got a six pack that means they are god’s gift, when that can’t be further from the truth.

Thus begins an interesting tale of women being able to speak out openly about what pleasure they want and what they expect in their love lives, whether that is casual or with a long-term partner, and how they’re able to relight that fire in the bedroom because they’re finally confident enough to talk about what they really want. It’s a great film about owning your own sexual desires and not being afraid of talking about that, even if it means exploring with the same sex or trying something new. It’s a fantastic movie that really gets you thinking about what you really want in the bedroom too and how you can go about getting that, while also being funny and lighthearted. And to be honest seeing attractive men clean isn’t a bad thing is it?

I absolutely adore this film, I think this film is perfect for any woman that is ready to talk about sex and explore herself in ways she may never have before. It’s really liberating to own your femininity and sexuality and be ready to share that with your partner, whoever they may be. It’s a brilliant film that isn’t too long and is touching and funny and just absolutely fantastic, I cannot recommend it enough, and I wish I had heard about it sooner.

What do you think of How to Please a Woman?

Until next time.

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