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Downfall: The Case Against Boeing Review

This was a moment in time where everything changed in terms of flying and feeling safe doing so. So often people are able to forget that they are literally in a metal tube being catapulted through the air and at any moment it could come crashing down, so for that to happen twice and only months apart really makes you realise how much danger your life is being put in and how the aeroplanes that you are putting so much trust in are just being built by people who are no different than yourself.

The Case Against Boeing looks at the two Boeing planes, the 737 max, that went down within a few months of each other killing a combined total of 346 people. Of course this sent shockwaves throughout the world as we realised that the planes that we had thought were so safe for us to use, and had come from such a reputable brand, aren’t as safe as we first thought and there may be more to this story.

The one aspect that really frustrated and intrigued me in this whole documentary was the fact that when Boeing bought in a new CEO everything changed and all they cared about was stock markets, making money, and safety became less of a priority. Planes were going out with foreign objects within them that shouldn’t be there, pilots weren’t being trained up on new aspects because it would cause a hindrance in the process of bringing the planes to the consumer, and the amount of people that left their jobs because they no longer felt satisfied was shocking. The cuts as well and moving the actual warehouse across the country sent shockwaves through towns that relied on them so much and suddenly became desolate.

It shows how even in something as important as safety in the skies is not a priority in the capitalist society we live in. The rich just want to get richer and they don’t seem to care about the people that have to deal with their choices. We saw when the CEO of Boeing went to the hearing he was shown pictures of the victims that died because of his negligence and he barely bat an eyelid, which I think just shows the character that these huge corporations have in that as long as their banks are being filled with millions, who cares about a few deaths.

But as consumers what can we do about this? Of course the airports are the ones that choose the airplanes they want and Airbus and Boeing are really the only two that have huge stakes in this business. So all we can hope for as consumers is that people will look into the technology and the training and make sure that what they’re putting in the skies is safe for us to be on and won’t cut our lives short, but as we see time and time again in this world, is that greed gets ahead of everything, and watching this documentary it has definitely planted a worry in my head that I can never fully trust the planes that we step on again.

What do you think of the Case Against Boeing?

Until next time.

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