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Spiral: From the Book of Saw Review

I enjoyed this film immensely apart from one component, and that was Chris Rock.

Spiral is a sequel to the much loved Saw series where a new policeman played by Chris Rock is targeted by a copycat killer murdering other police officers in his district.

Chris Rock has to work with his team that he has many issues with due to past experiences to stop the murders and find out who the killer is. It’s a brilliant continuation of the story even if I did find Chris Rock’s performance a bit awkward in the role that he was playing. I always remember Chris Rock as a funny guy so to see him in a more serious role didn’t really fit with what I know him for and felt a bit uneasy.

However with what Saw does best, the actual murders were really good in this film, the gore was there which is always the highlight of these films and I really enjoyed that aspect and it did make me turn away at some points because it did get quite overwhelming. However for some reason in this film the jump scares didn’t scare me at all, in previous films I would’ve muted the sound and turned away out of fear, but for this they just didn’t have that same punch that I am used to and so while the gore was there the actual scary-ness was quite lacking.

In the end we do find out who the killer is which I won’t give away in this review if you want to watch the film yourself, however throughout the film while there were many moments that could’ve easily pointed to this character being the killer however I never put it together and was quite shocked at the revelation. It was a really interesting reveal and much like the killer in Untraceable this one had a very deep motive that was really fascinating to dig into and gave the reason why he was doing this so much more depth than him just killing people willy-nilly because he didn’t like cops.

I would recommend this film. I did have an issue with Chris Rock but if you don’t mind him in this character role then you will enjoy it easily. It may not be the scariest Saw film out there but the gore was to the standard that I would expect from the franchise and that’s really what we all watch it for, however I wouldn’t rush back to watch it again as I still believe the original series is the best.

What do you think of Spiral?

Until next time.

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