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Bones Season One Review

I recently found this show on Disney+ and being a woman who enjoys crime series’ and forensic shows I knew it would be right up my street, however what I didn’t prepare myself for was the amount of gore that would be on display.

Bones follows forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan as she works with the FBI to solve cases where bones have been discovered at the crime scene. Throughout the show we see in each episode a different crime taking place, and by the end of that episode it is resolved and we can move on. However there is also the overhanging storyline of Temperance’s relationship with the FBI agent she’s been partnered with – Seeley Booth and the fact that her parents went missing and not until the last episode do we finally get some answers on what actually happened to them.

I mentioned the gore of this show and it is next level. There was one episode where they showed a body hanging from a tree that was partially decomposed and I couldn’t look at food for the next few hours because it made my stomach turn so much. Each episode looks at a different crime scene, but the amount of effort that goes into making the crime scenes seem realistic is absolutely horrifying, and until they clean the bones in the episode I cannot eat anything while watching it because I just find it so disgusting. But that doesn’t turn me off watching because it is so intriguing to watch and understand what happened to this victim.

If you can stomach gore then this is a show that you could easily binge watch. While it does get a bit repetitive at times because it’s simply the same formula over and over again with a different crime scene, the overall arc is exactly the same and can make you lose interest quite easily if you watch it too much. However the second you start watching you want to continue watching just to find out more, it’s a real Catch-22, it’s very addictive but also repetitive and so you need to find the right balance to be able to enjoy it completely.

I highly recommend this show if you are someone that can handle gore, it is not a show for someone with a weak stomach and even myself, who easily watches Saw films and horror movies this one definitely turned me quite a bit and made me cover the screen more than once at what was being shown. But if you’re into forensic analysis, if you like crime shows then I definitely recommend it. Don’t let the fact that its got so many seasons put you off, they all look very enticing and I am excited to see how they change the game in season two now we know more about her family’s disappearance and how that will playing to the overall story arc we watch throughout the show.

What do you think of Bones?

Until next time.

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