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Argo Review

This is not a film that I would usually watch but I was with some friends who suggested it and we gave it a go, and surprisingly, I really enjoyed it and found it very exciting.

Argo is based on the true story of a CIA agent who travels to Iran under the guise of being a Hollywood producer scouting locations for an action film to rescue six Americans that have taken refuge there in the Canadian embassy. This all happened due to conflicts between America and Iran and is set in 1979 so is not only a great historical piece that gives us some more understanding of recent history that I didn’t learn at school but also a very exciting story in itself.

I really enjoyed this film, I found it very interesting because it’s such a different idea to go to a very hostile place under the guise of a Hollywood director. It’s a really interesting story and to know that it was true just makes it all the more fascinating, the lengths these men had to go to, to save the six Americans was fascinating and showed the dedication and grit they had, especially when if they were found they would have been killed.

The most tense part of this film is seeing the six Americans and the CIA agent going through the airport in Iran and waiting to board the flight back to America and how many hoops they had to jump through to do just that. I can’t imagine having to put on a persona of someone working in the filmmaking industry and being able to keep that up while also being terrified that at any moment you could be killed. It’s a terrifying story that is also so interesting and exciting and is one film that really makes you want to go and do your own research on what really happened to find out all the other details in it too.

As I said this is not a film that I would normally watch but even myself who isn’t the biggest fan of historic or action packed films really enjoyed it. It’s a fascinating story with brilliant characters, and while Ben Affleck looked ridiculous in the wig he had I found his character really engaging to follow, although I could never get out of my head the fact that it was just Ben Affleck.

What do you think of Argo?

Until next time.

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