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Not Just A Girl Review

Shania Twain was the first country music singer I was introduced to by friends in secondary school. So to watch this documentary and understand Shania on a deeper level than just her music was incredibly fascinating because it was these parts of the story that I missed out on as a teenager and made my love for her music grow more.

In the documentary we follow Shania Twain as she talks about her entire life up to now, about the highs and lows of her childhood living in abusive family, to the beginning of her notoriety as a singer going round bars with her mother, to even the devastating event that happened at the beginning of her stardom when her parents died in a car accident.

However despite this horrific occurrence happening Shania didn’t give up on her dreams and was soon signed with a large record label and working with one of the top music producers to create platinum album after album. It is a clear rags to riches story about a woman who never gave up on her dreams and constantly pursued what she wanted to be and knowing deep down one day she would get there.

What I loved about this documentary was how you really got to understand Shania Twain on a different level. You got to see into her brain and how it all works, and how even when she was shot down multiple times for being a woman trying to bring country and rock together, she never gave up and always defied the odds by being an incredible person. It really shows with hard work and determination you can get anywhere you want in life and even if people tell you your dreams are just dreams, if you believe in them enough, then you can make them reality.

If you enjoy country music or you are a fan of Shania Twain or both then this is a fantastic documentary to watch to understand the woman behind it all. It is incredibly inspiring, it reminds you of all the hits that Shania has had throughout her career, and also just gives you a different look at her life and being a woman in a working career where she is so famous and so popular it can be hard to be a normal person. But to see how grounded and real she is, is so wonderful to know that it hasn’t all gone to her head and she’s still that small town girl she always was.

I highly recommend this documentary and I do hope more are bought out in the future. Alongside this I also watched the J.Lo Super Bowl documentary recently and the Conor McGregor Notorious one too which is a great insight into these celebrities and really just adds to the human side of them. At the end of the day all of these celebrities are just humans themselves that have strived for something bigger than themselves and achieved it. It really gives you that motivation and excitement to go off and achieve your own dreams as well.

What do you think of Shania Twain?

Until next time.

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