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The Game Review

Spoilers ahead.

I love a good film that makes you second-guess everything. Shutter Island is one of my favourite films because of that fact and so when I saw this one recommended to me on Netflix I knew I had to give it a go. However, despite the raving reviews I’ve seen online, I really didn’t like it.

The Game follows Nick, a banker who lives in a big mansion and is dealing with the turmoil of turning the age that his father committed suicide. He gets a birthday present from his brother Conrad which is a voucher to join a game, and so he goes to the offices of this game and is put through rigorous tests to check he is suitable. However he soon gets the call that he is not suitable, but this is just another part of the game and really it has already begun around him.

Soon crazy things start happening in Nick’s life including being attacked by armed men, getting drugged by people he believed he could trust, and in the end finding out that his mansion has been foreclosed on and his possessions have been removed. Basically because of this game his whole world around him has crumbled and he doesn’t know what to do. So in the end he finds a gun, goes to the office of the game, and this is where things take a turn…

It turns out that the game wasn’t real, it was a whole operation set up by his brother Conrad to get Nick to become a better person and embrace life more, because as we see in the start of the film he does not. The only way that Conrad saw his brother learning these things is if he tries to kill himself the same way his father did in front of him all those years ago, and that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! Why would anyone think that’s a good idea? And why go to so much trouble? When this film said it was whimsical and weird I thought it would be mind bending and exciting, but really it just left me wondering how much of a psychopath Conrad really is.

I get the whole It’s a Wonderful Life story of making sure that you appreciate the life you have but for Nick to be shot at, nearly drowned, tested on and pushed to the brink of his limits where he was willing to kill someone because of what happened to him I really don’t think the plan worked. I really don’t understand the point of this film or what it is trying to show me as an audience member, and personally it is not a film I would watch again because I really do think it’s two hours wasted that you could easily use to watch a different mind bending film that will give you a much better pay off in the end.

Of course if you’re intrigued to give it a go, I’ve basically given the whole plot away in this review but I did mention spoilers at the beginning, then give it a go. I am glad I watched it because I would’ve been curious if I hadn’t, but at the same time I definitely wouldn’t recommend this film or watch it again because it just didn’t live up to the expectations that it gave me in the description, I really feel like I wasted two hours of my life and it wasn’t worth it.

What do you think of The Game?

Until next time.

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