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Mary, Queen of Scots Review

This movie was interesting but as we got to the third act all I could think was Queen Elizabeth‘s wig looked like spaghetti hoops.

Mary Queen of Scots follows Mary, the Queen of Scotland, and her cousin/sister Elizabeth, as they refer to each other, fighting it out against a plethora of men who do not like the fact that women are in charge.

Thus begins conspiracy, plot, treason and murder, some of which was very hard to watch. It was incredibly frustrating that these two women could’ve done something spectacular but we will never know because of the men in their lives not wanting to bow down to a female voice.

That’s the biggest thing from this movie that I took away: how biased towards men this world was at this time even though these women held the highest power they could within the United Kingdom. They were Queens! They were at the top of the monarchy and yet these men still tried to overpower them and treat them as if they were below them. It was so disgusting to watch especially when things were going on that were some of the men’s fault yet the women were still the ones in the blame because they were women.

Watching this movie I found quite hard because I don’t know too much about this era. Of course I learnt it back in school but that was over a decade ago now so not having much clarity when the movie started I did feel a bit lost, especially in a fight scene where both sides looked as if they were wearing the same clothes, so I didn’t really know what was happening.

Another criticism, and this is more coming from a critique side, was David Tennant. David Tennant played a religious man in this film but the fact that it was very clearly David Tennant with his natural Scottish voice made me lose all emersion. It was too obvious it was him and despite having long hair, a hat on at all times, and a very long scraggly beard, his face still looked too young for those features so he just stood out like a sore thumb. Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie really embodied their characters and so they were believable however Tennant was not.

That last point is a tiny issue that I had with this movie but, despite that, it was very interesting and I’m glad I watched it. It didn’t feel too long or outdrawn and I was interested to see where the story would go and how the film would end. It’s such a shame that women had to go through these times where even in the highest state of power they were still over ruled by men who had no right. Overall it just shows that women should put the freedom and power they have in the current decade to good use and really show what we do and who we are and not bow down to the voices of men.

What do you think of Mary, Queen of Scots?

Until next time.

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