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Only Murders in the Building Season Two Review

After the success of Only Murders in the Building season one I was very excited for this season, especially as we now know the characters on a deeper level and don’t need their backstories and introductions. However while I still enjoyed this season, I definitely feel it had more issues than the first.

In Only Murders in the Building season two we see the building president Bunny has been murdered and the three podcast hosts that we know and love are the prime suspects. Soon enough they want to work out who actually killed Bunny, why it happened and clear their names, which takes us down an interesting route of learning more about the people around the three main cast including characters we met in the first season and new ones including Cara Delevingne and Amy Schumer.

Now Cara Delevingne‘s character is an actual fictional person so she brings something interesting to the table and adds a new dynamic to the group, however Amy Schumer’s character is literally herself, she is playing Amy Schumer in the show and it is clearly just a cameo for her as she is a big fan. My issue with Amy is that at the start of the season they put a lot of emphasis on to her and what she will bring to the table and then a few episodes in she disappears and was never seen again, and didn’t even have a part to play in the big reveal.

And with the big reveal of the season, as I felt in the first season too, it was very rushed and felt like we had just stumbled upon some evidence or information that we didn’t have before and that cracked the case. It doesn’t always feel satisfying for me, I want a bit more intrigue and slow burn and the excitement of being able to watch the season back and see all the small clues that we missed the first time around when you didn’t know who the killer was, and yet we didn’t get that with this show. So finding out who the killer was, was very interesting but didn’t give me that excitement of being my own sleuth.

Overall I enjoyed this season. I liked how it built on the characters that we already knew and introduced others that were quite interesting and didn’t pull away too much from the plot, however I do worry, as it is hinted that there will be a season three that the show is going to quickly fizzle out. It’s almost like lightning in a bottle, the first season was something new and different and extraordinary that it cannot easily be replicated into later seasons, and so I do feel as we get further into more seasons of Only Murders they’re going to lose the cleverness and excitement and unfortunately I think I’d quickly turn it off.

What do you think of Only Murders in the Building season two?

Until next time.

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