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Downton Abbey Season 4 Review

I see now why this show only has six seasons and that’s because I feel this season was the one where things started to drop off.

The family are dealing with the death of Matthew however due to Mary having his son that doesn’t seem like too much of an issue. As the season progresses we see the family going through the usual trials and tribulations, that don’t affect the family as much as they do their own characters, and one of these was a really interesting storyline of Edith having her love interest’s child.

I say this was one of the more interesting storylines because obviously in these days having a child outside wedlock was seen as a huge no, no and she could’ve easily become shunned by the family as well as the community around her. However the fact that her love interest has disappeared in Germany when Hitler seems to be rising – which was quite an interesting plot point to look into for half an episode – is very interesting because not only is she dealing with possibly being a single mother but also the fact that she cannot disclose that this child is hers to anyone.

Overall I feel their season may be one of its weakest. It didn’t have the same punches as season two and season three, although it was quite enjoyable looking at the stock market crash and how that affects Downton. I hope the last two seasons after this will pick up again but I definitely see this as the start of the end of Downton Abbey and was definitely not a season that I find memorable in the slightest.

What do you think of season four?

Until next time.

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