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The Grudge 2020 Review

While this movie just took a lot of the tropes from the original Japanese and American versions it did have some moments that got me, and while some of the jump scares were cheap, thankfully a few of them were very effective too.

The Grudge 2020 retells the story of the Grudge that we already know from all of the movies that were made about it previously, however this one looks at the house that is full of fury and anger and what happens to the people that either live at the house or just enter it and end up with the Grudge curse on them too.

The main character of the story is a police woman who has a young son. As her husband has recently died tragically she lives with her son and starts worrying when people who are supposedly dead start haunting her and attacking her, as she worries that the same could happen to her son. So she goes to this house to destroy the evil but as we see in the ending, and of course keeping it open ended for a sequel, this doesn’t work.

In this film it keeps things interesting by having lots of storylines happening at once, but it does get a bit confusing when at no point in the storylines do they tell you when they are set. We see certain characters turn up at certain points in one scene and then in the next scene they’re already dead or in a psychiatric hospital, and it’s very hard to connect the dots until you’re quite far in when things have already been established. If you’re watching it completely blind you could easily get confused by how one character is here and then suddenly they’re there in the next scene, and it does take some effort to realise that it is jumping between time events and not a linear story.

Another issue I had was the jump scares, a lot of them were quite cheap and simple and what you expect from a remake like this, which was a shame because with the Grudge it can be so tense and scary just hearing the noise or seeing things in the back of the scene. Including cliche jump scare noises defeated the point of that tenseness that we could feel as the audience. I will say a couple of the jump scares did scare me and they were very well done but for most of them it was just a cheap scare tactic to keep you on your toes.

Would I recommend watching this film over the originals? I personally would not. I think the originals have a great place in the world of cinema as they really bought something new to the horror genre and were absolutely terrifying. This one was a perfectly fine remake if you want something that has newer technology so looks better on screen, however the actual storyline wasn’t the most creative with the amount that they used from the original and really, it didn’t add a lot more that made it stand out against any of the others.

What do you think of The Grudge 2020?

Until next time.

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