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The Challenge: Vendettas Review

It’s a shame Netflix only has two seasons of this show because it is addictive.

The Challenge: Vendettas is the fifth season on Netflix but from what I could tell is a season quite far into the show’s legacy. The Challenge follows a group of people who are from other famous shows like Geordie Shore, Ex on the Beach, Big Brother etc. and they are put against one another to win a substantial amount of money through physical challenges but also mental ones too.

The difference with the Vendetta season versus other seasons is that everyone in the group has a vendetta against at least one other person, and so when someone has to be eliminated each week you want to create alliances with people you like, so that if your vendetta gets to choose who gets eliminated you are less likely to be put up for it and it makes everything a lot more tense.

What I really enjoyed about this show compared to others is that everyone had a vendetta against someone else and so people already knew other people which meant that you didn’t have a slow burn of people getting to know the others and being chill for a few episodes in and then the crazy happens. The show started at 100% and stayed that way through the whole thing because of the vendettas, people yelling at each other and causing drama, and was so fun to watch.

It was also interesting to see these people who have come from reality shows like Big Brother, where you sit around and don’t really do much, suddenly racing 10 miles over a desert and being dragged behind boats etc. It was insane what these people were able to accomplish being just reality stars. They seem to have a lot more to them than just Boohoo brand deals.

This season was especially exciting because of the vendettas and you really started to form your own alliances with people on it and you started to like certain people and hate others. This especially happened to me with Bananas. Johnny Bananas seemed to be a bit of a veteran with this challenge and so I was very excited for when I saw him leave, however Kyle from Geordie Shore is known to be a bit of a bumbling idiot that just drinks all the time yet came out really well in the show and definitely made me route for him more than I would’ve expected at the start.

If you enjoy reality TV but want something a bit different this show is definitely for you. It brings together your favourite reality TV contestants and pits them against each other in a new way that is both challenging on their physical body but also their mental brain power too. It’s really interesting to see these people that you didn’t think had much between the ears do incredible feats and it really inspired me to do more with my own mental and physical abilities too.

What do you think of The Challenge?

Until next time.

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