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Doctor Who: Survivors of the Flux Review

This episode averted things slightly for me in that a lot of things had to be explained to get to the finale episode, and so while Village of the Angels felt like a normal standalone episode you would’ve seen in Doctor Who previously, this one definitely felt a bit more all over the place and while still enjoyable, wasn’t my favourite.

The Doctor has been stolen by the angels and is being transported to her mother which I found quite funny, it seemed as if the Doctor was being grounded. Meanwhile her companions, including the Doctor Jericho, that we met in the last episode, are stuck in the early 20th century and are trying to decode a pot that says it will answer all of their questions.

I really liked the companion storyline and I do feel it is the more memorable because there was so much going on. It felt like a normal adventure storyline where three intrepid explorers had to go round and try and find answers for what was happening. And I especially enjoyed the new doctor, his character was really fun to watch and I really liked his inclusion. I feel so often with short time companions they can be a bit annoying or thrown in where they don’t fit yet he joined the family perfectly and made for a very enjoyable character.

In this episode we also realise that the Doctor has another pocket watch much like we saw in the David Tennant era when he was hiding from the Family. In this will be all the secrets to who she really is and it is hinted at a lot in this episode whether she finds out what they are hiding, and I love the call back to previous seasons.

But the big issue for me was the Doctor’s side of this episode, I found it quite boring and uninspired. I loved the companions’ story, there was so much going on and it was nice to see normal humans do something incredible, whereas with the Doctor, she just talked a lot and really even writing this review I don’t remember too much of what happened because it was that forgettable.

I feel the issue with the series only being six episodes long is they tried to fit so much into it that when you have to have it be wrapped up so quickly, because otherwise you won’t get the answers for the questions that you have opened. I feel they cram so much in that it’s very hard to keep up and I worry that that’s what the finale is going to be like, to be so much going on that when we do get to the end it will be rushed.

What do you think of Survivors of the Flux?

Until next time.

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