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Freaky Friday Review

Watching this film as an adult I noticed so many parts of this film that created who I was as a child and it’s crazy to think how much power a movie can have over your personality.

Freaky Friday follows a mother and daughter who are at odds with each other. Set and filmed in the early 2000s, it’s very pop punk Disney, very fun and of course Lindsey Lohan is the star. One fateful evening when the pair are having an argument they switch bodies and they have to do selfless acts for one another to be able to switch back, this is all heightened however as the mother is getting married the next day.

Lindsey Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis are incredible in this movie! They are incredibly strong actresses and so fun to watch. Jamie Lee Curtis I don’t think I appreciated enough as a child because I more looked at Lindsey Lohan’s character because she was more like who I saw myself as, however as an adult watching this, Jamie Lee Curtis’s performance is so funny and so true and even though I don’t have kids I can look back at myself as a teenager and totally sympathise with Jamie Lee Curtis because of how Lindsey Lohan is in the film.

Chad Michael Murray in this is an absolute dreamboat! His character in this actually encapsulates my teenage crush which is quite sad to say, I didn’t realise how similar the two were until I watch his back and thought ‘oh no it’s like they’re brothers’! I had such a big crush on him in this, plus his role in A Cinderella Story sold me and my heart was gone…I was in love.

This is such a fun film and definitely holds up. Of course some of it is a bit outdated, like the different cell phones and the pagers and small details like that, but overall you could easily watch it now and still get the same fun and enjoyment out of it. I know they recently remade this film and I really don’t feel they should have because this is such lightning in a bottle. Of course there was a different version in the 60s and this was a remake of that, but it’s so good for my generation and probably the generation after me because it encapsulates our world of mothers and daughters learning to appreciate each other and who we are as people.

It also made me laugh out loud which I did not expect. I was literally crying at certain scenes because they were so funny and finally realising what all the little jokes meant that my childhood brain just didn’t understand was so great too. I love films like that where you can enjoy them as a child because they are so fun and funny and then you can watch them again as an adult and notice so much more too.

If you haven’t watched Freaky Friday in a moment I definitely recommend it, and if you haven’t watched it ever I recommend it again! It’s a fantastic movie despite its age and it’s definitely a film that I should watch more because it makes me so happy.

What do you think of Freaky Friday?

Until next time.


  1. Couldn’t agree more! Freaky Friday might be my favorite movie remake. It speaks to every generation a lot better and the acting is so much more convincing. Lindsay Lohan going from immature teenager to respectable adult is great, but Jamie Lee Curtis steals the entire movie with her youthful performance. Great review!

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