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Ready or Not Review

While I may not have completely understood the point of this film and what the motivations of getting married to the family for them to just kill you are, apart from the whole selling your soul to the devil, it’s a really enjoyable film that I recommend anyone to watch. If you enjoyed the Hunger Games (or any battle royale) and parody movies you’ve got a perfect pairing.

Ready or Not follows newlywed bride Grace as she comes to terms with married life on the day of her wedding day at her husband’s parent’s house. In this family they have a tradition where you have to play a game on the night of your wedding day that is chosen at random out of a box by the bride. Unfortunately for Grace she chooses hide and seek and she has to be hidden while the rest seek, but only once Grace has left the room do we realise the true intent of this group, and that is that they wish to kill the bride and not just seek her.

This family has a tradition where they are in control of a spirit and if they don’t kill the bride, being Grace, by sunrise bad things will happen, but these bad things are unknown as of course they haven’t happened yet. Grace realises the level of danger that she’s in when one of the daughters accidentally kills the help around the house, which was absolutely hilarious to watch because she is so unhinged, and Grace has to start fighting for her life. It’s a very interesting story because it’s so convoluted and over the top but that’s what makes it fun, and also still being quite tense with the fact that she could die at any moment.

It was only when I made the comparison to The Babysitter while watching this film did I realise that Grace is the main character from that too and now I understand why I enjoyed it so much. The Babysitter is a fantastic film because it sets things up so you think it’s all going to be quite normal and the usual type of film when it switches 180 degrees and you’re into a whole different story line and genre. That’s what this film did too, it started off very lovey-dovey and sweet and then all of a sudden turns into a horror / thriller but with so much comedy added into it that you can’t help but enjoy it.

I feel I took too long to watch this film in that it’s been on my watch list for a while and I only just got round to it but I am so glad I did because it is fantastic. If you enjoy dark comedy with a bit of gore and thriller then this is the film for you. It is expertly well done, the characters are hilarious, the storyline is really interesting. And while it does feel a bit ridiculous at times and does drag slightly, it does pull itself back and get back on course and I am grateful for that because it is a fantastic campy movie.

What do you think of Ready or Not?

Until next time.

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