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Dahmer Review

There was something very strange with this series, normally I love true crime documentaries and I love crime shows, American Horror Story where Evan Peters is known from is a show that I absolutely adored as a teenager, but to watch Dahmer was something completely different because it put you in the shoes of the victims and to watch these young men die and die again really shook me to my soul. Usually I can watch crime shows in one or 2 days but this one took me weeks to watch because it hit me so hard.

Jeffrey Dahmer was a serial killer who lived in America and killed countless men between the 80s and 90s. He is famous for dismembering and eating his victims as well as trying to turn them into zombies by drilling holes into their heads to make sure that they don’t leave him. You see that throughout this show from a young age Dahmer was a boy who was left by everyone he cared about, his mum left when she separated from his father, his father left him alone for months to be with his mistress, and you see that this man has become someone who needs constant love and affection and connection and so anytime the victims try and leave he has to put a stop to it.

In the show we get to meet many different characters in Jeffrey Dahmer’s life from his victims to his neighbours as well as the police that were put on his case. The police are a big issue with this case because they are the reason that one 14 year-old-boy ended up being murdered by Dahmer because they allowed the boy back into Dahmer’s custody when Dahmer lied to them about him being his boyfriend. It’s absolutely disgusting that people around him tried to stop him and made repeated calls to the police to do something, yet nothing was done until it was too late.

Evan Peters, because of his work on American Horror Story, I do believe was perfect for this role. He really envelopes that horrific introverted way that Dahmer was, in that he wasn’t a bad looking man, but he had this creepiness about him that really sent shivers down my spine. You can see why other men were attracted to him and wanted to go home with him, but to know how much was hiding underneath the surface is horrific, and really shows that anyone can put on a facade of how they want the world to interpret them, but that does not mean that, that is who they really are underneath and what they really could be is a monster.

I think this show did a great job at portraying Dahmer as a horrific man, horrific monster, and it really helped you connect with everything that happened and shows you how callous he really was. This show is not for the faint of heart, even for myself who watches true crime and crime shows all the time found it incredibly hard to watch, but it really does a great job at showing you who Dahmer was in a way that lets you connect with him and his victims on a deeper level than maybe you would through a documentary. When you can actually see things happening in real time in front of you it really shows you how dark and calculated this man was and how awful it must have been to lose someone that way.

What do you think of Dahmer?

Until next time.

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