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The Cult of Conspiracy: QAnon Review

Whenever someone uses YouTube as the site of their sources for their argument, their argument is no longer valid, in my opinion.

This documentary looks at Qanon and their role in the world that we are living in today, especially involving conspiracies with the government. But this doesn’t just look at the American side of things with the rise against the capital back in January or even the vaccine drive, but also what’s happening over here in the UK too with people rioting against vaccines and lockdowns, and how people who shouldn’t have a voice in the public space now have one due to the fact of social media and fake news.

None of these conspiracies are helped however by how the government is dealing with lockdown and the Covid crisis itself. The people in charge of us today are absolute idiots and do not deserve their place in power, and because they’re so ridiculous in what they do and what they say people no longer feel confident in them, and so look to these other people that align with their views better. However these people aren’t qualified yet are seen as being on the same sort of pedestal as doctors and nurses just because they’re a loud shouty man.

I think the thing that shocks me most with this documentary is how no one knows who Q is. Q could be anyone, Q could be a 14-year-old who decided to take a break from Fortnite to troll people instead. Q could be this high-power person that people claim them to be but we have no evidence of that, so why are we believing this unknown person on the Internet? Why should we believe anything they say when nothing that they said would come true actually did and they haven’t posted online since December 2020? It all makes no sense to me and I don’t understand why people are still following someone that is no longer relevant or has anything interesting to say, and yet they call us sheep.

The scariest thing in this documentary was a woman who lost one of her children started talking to someone who she believed was Q in the hopes of getting her child back, however through all this conspiracy she became sceptical over who she was speaking to and ended up fatally shooting them. Now her other children have to live their lives without a mum who is currently in prison and will be sentenced for this murder, and that’s the scary thing about this: people feel that they are gaining power from having thoughts that the mainstream media aren’t talking about or aren’t looking into, however these thoughts can create such detriment in peoples’ lives that they will literally end up in jail or ending someone’s life because they believe it’s right.

This is why I hate social media so much and why I have stepped back from social media in terms of looking at things on there, because there’s so much horror to be had. Anyone could spill a lie or a conspiracy or what they believe as true and suddenly 200,000 people are following them because they too believe in it. It’s disgusting how people who have no educational knowledge on certain topics can have such a large voice within them and that voice can mean that so much of the good in the world that could be happening is halted because so many people are against it, for no other reason then one person talked about it enough on the Internet that it became fact to them.

If you have an interest in how social media affects our lives and how people are able to raise their voices and speak what they believe is their truth to hundreds of thousands of other people and make it so, then this is a fantastic documentary to look at. I really want to delve more into the Q conspiracies and look at how and why this person, or people, or whatever, was able to cause such a revolution behind them when no one even knows what they are and when none of their theories came true.

What do you think about Qanon?

Until next time.

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