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The Bold Type Season 3 Review

As Kylie Jenner would put it this was definitely the season of realising things.

This season we see things get a bit more far-fetched in my opinion, from Sutton moving in with her boyfriend to Jane dealing with her boyfriend disappearing onto a book tour, and Kat surprisingly running for city council. That was the storyline that seemed the most far-fetched to me because it just seemed to come out of nowhere and I personally can’t see a 20 something running for any sort of office and getting anywhere near the votes that she did.

The storyline I was really intrigued by but sadly came too late in the season so I hope they explore it in the next season is Jane’s boyfriend cheating on her and kissing another girl. I thought this could be a really interesting look at how to deal with a partner cheating on you and the difference between saying that you would never stay with a cheater vs when you’re actually met with a situation where you can’t decide whether you should leave them or not. I’m sad that it came at the end of the season as I would love for this to be explored more so hopefully it will be in the next.

And the overarching storyline of this season was the models being abused by a photographer because they were an easy target. I really enjoyed this, I think it put a different spin on the fashion industry and really showed you the darker side, and while it did take awhile to get going because so many people didn’t want to talk about it, once it became a real story it really touches you as an audience member and makes you think about the fashion magazines that you buy and what sort of age and condition the girls that you’re looking at in those magazines actually are.

While I love The Bold Type and I find the characters super fascinating to watch and it is my sort of show being quite a girly girl, I did find the season just a bit too far-fetched and it didn’t have that same punching as the previous seasons did. It got to a point where I have binge watched it so much that I had to take a break from it because it just got a bit underwhelming, and while I will happily watch next season and the final one too, I do feel this may be a turning point for the show in that it starts to go downhill from here but we shall see.

Based on season one and two I would still recommend it. I do think it’s a great show for twenty somethings, especially the more hard-hitting stories that they do tell within it, but I do feel in some ways it may be passed its prime now. Although I am hoping that I am wrong and season four and five do surprise me and keep me engaged and interested in the show.

What do you think of season three?

Until next time.

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