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Married at First Sight U.K. Review

I was always adamantly against this show, however I was told to give it a go by a friend of mine and watching it with them made it a whole new experience. Only once I delved into Married at First Sight did I realise how interesting it was from a psychological point of view.

Married at First Sight follows couples who have never met each other meeting on their wedding day to get married. Of course this comes with a lot of issues being that these two people have been put together through experts that believe they are a good match, yet these two people of course are their own individuals and so come with a lot of baggage and a lot of opinions. Some of the couples work out better than others but watching their journey along the way is the really exciting part.

In the season I watched the couples got married then immediately got whisked away on their honeymoon to then come back to London to live in an apartment together, before being able to travel home together to their respective hometowns and visit friends and family, as well as seeing what they’re real life home is actually like. Along the way the couples engage in dinner parties with other couples in the program, and we get to see them have sit down chats with the experts to see how things are going and how things could be improved. This is also the highlight of each week because we find out what couples decide to stay and which ones decide to go.

Throughout the show you see how different personalities lock heads and how being in this high tense environment isn’t always the best thing. Of course you should never recommend someone marrying a stranger, but then having to deal with a group of people who are also in that same boat shows that there’s a lot of issues bubbling under the surface. I especially enjoyed seeing how the couples grew and changed throughout the process, especially seeing who ended up staying together (as some of the stronger couples didn’t) and also seeing how they reacted to this.

While in the past I was adamantly against the show actually watching it was really fascinating because you got to understand yourself too and how you would react in this environment. It’s a very fascinating show that gives you a lot to talk about and I think it is one of those programmes that you have to watch with someone else to really get the most out of it, because you can talk to them about what’s going on, how you would respond to those situations vs the other person and how the experiment can show you and your relationship in a different light. It really helps you understand the human psyche more and just makes you want to watch more of it to get to know people even deeper.

I surprisingly would recommend this show. Of course I think it is a bit ridiculous but it’s so interesting because you get to understand these people on such a deep level and see why they respond the way they do. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows, which makes it fun and brings the drama, and it’s a very easy show to watch during dinner or anytime you need something a bit more trashy to delve in to. It’s not a brilliant analysis on the human psyche but what it does bring to the table is very interesting and if you do like psychology and how the mind works this is definitely a show for you, even if it is a bit trashy.

What do you think of Married at First Sight?

Until next time.

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