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Superstore Season 6 Review

I never expected to cry over this show…

Superstore season six is the final season of the Superstore series, a show that I cannot recommend highly enough because it is so easily binge watchable, but keeps you so engaged despite literally being a show about a shop.

In this season we see Amy go off to her new job in California which causes a rift between her and Jonah, as well as the actual store having to deal with the pandemic. This was really interesting to watch and didn’t feel too on the nose or annoying, especially as when you’re in this situation sometimes it’s nice to get away from it, but it was quite fun to see how they took it to the next level in the show.

We also got to see the store shutting and the whole thing ending, and while I was always deeply connected to the characters and really enjoyed the show, I didn’t expect to get so emotional over the ending. It perfectly tied everything together and really gave it that bittersweet heart-warming ending that you expect from a show like this.

I feel, especially with the twist and turns that we have throughout the show and the characters changing and life happening, it was really interesting to see how they came to the ending that they did and what happened to certain characters. A lot can be teased and speculated about throughout the entirety of the show but seeing it all come together in the end was really rewarding and made you connect the show on a higher level than just something you binge watch.

Superstore was a show that I stumbled onto on Netflix and I binge watched it so quickly that I had to stop myself from watching it sometimes so that I didn’t run out of episodes too quickly. It’s one of those shows that you don’t expect to watch or to enjoy too much, one of those shows that’s easy to watch, but the longer you watch it and the more you get to know these characters the more connected you get with them, the more sad you are when it ends.

I cannot recommend Superstore enough. It’s one of those shows that can touch your heart in a way that you never expect and is so easy to watch that you’ll happily watch it again and again because it’s just so fun. It touches on a lot of interesting and important topics as well which I think was so cleverly done because they were never too overbearing or would ruin the comedy, it had the perfect level of serious vs comedic.

I am sad to see the show end, but the way it ended was absolutely perfect for me and an ending that will stick with me for a while. I don’t think I’ll be able to look at glow in the dark stars the same way again!

What do you think of Superstore and what did you think of the ending?

Until next time.

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