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Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor Review

I definitely felt like Doctor Who needed a revamp, it needed someone new to come into it and make it the incredible show it used to be, especially after the dire season we just had to endure. However what they did here wasn’t exactly what I meant.

The Power of the Doctor brings back a lot of characters from previous Doctor Who seasons as well as some Doctors themselves. However these Doctors have aged past what they used to be and that begs the question: can Doctors’ age in this limbo area? Or was this just due to the fact that the actors age themselves?

Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor is attacked once more by The Master using both the Daleks and Cybermen as his army. He even forces the Doctor to regenerate against her will so that he can embody her, which to me makes little sense because yes he is now the Doctor, but really he is still the same person so why would this change him in any way?

The Doctor is sent to a limbo where she meets previous Doctors and they give her a talking to about what has happened, and this makes the Doctor able to regenerate herself, not forcibly this time, but instead of becoming someone new she reverts back to David Tennant.

This was the part of the episode where I fell off, it was at the end so I didn’t get annoyed at too many points in this episode, but having David Tennant come back didn’t make a lot of sense because this has never happened to the Doctor before so why is it happening now? And is he really just been brought back for the fanfare?

We know that Doctor Who has been falling off in recent times due to poor storytelling and writing. So are they just bringing him back because he’s a favourite so people are going to watch it? To be honest, it would make more sense to bring back Peter Capaldi or Matt Smith because they were more recent incarnations, but with Matt Smith doing the Game of Thrones spin-off I guess he wasn’t available.

This isn’t to say I’m not excited for what’s to come, I’m just super confused as to why it is even a thing. Why have they bought David Tennant back? And if it is just for the fanfare and to get old Who fans to watch again then is it really that good or are they just going to hope that David Tennant’s popularity will see them through? I am excited to see what happens, David Tennant is a fantastic actor and some of the baddies that they brought back in this episode were really interesting, but at the same time I hope they don’t just rely on him and his popularity.

I do hope that I’m wrong and I hope that these future specials and episodes are enjoyable but from what I’ve seen in this episode with them bringing back multiple Doctors and companions and nemesis’s, I don’t know how much it’ll actually hold up and how much is going to be the same rubbish writing just with a more exciting cast.

What do you think of The Power of the Doctor?

Until next time.

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