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Paddington 2 Review

I had heard how good this film was but I didn’t realise how much it would touch me until I watched it.

Paddington 2 continues on the story of Paddington Bear who is still living with the Brown family in London and his Aunt Lucy’s 100th birthday is coming up. He wants to get her the perfect gift and finds it in a pop-up book of London. However this pop-up book is very special as it holds the map to a long lost treasure that the villain of the piece, Hugh Grant‘s character, is hoping to hunt down.

Because of this pop-up book and its significance Paddington finds himself in jail wrongly accused for stealing the book and the Brown family have to find a way to help prove his innocence while Paddington ultimately escapes and becomes a fugitive.

Does that sound like a Paddington movie to you? Paddington being a runaway criminal? It doesn’t either to me, but the way that it is done is so incredible. Paddington’s character is still his light-hearted, sweet self that we have come to know and love and to see him in a prison setting where everyone is so hard and cruel was really interesting. I loved seeing the juxtaposition between cold, hard London and sweet, caring Paddington and how the two worlds can collide and mould together to create a better world overall.

I really enjoyed the first Paddington film however this one I feel is so much more than that, because you already understand the characters and who they are and what their morals are etc. you’re able to delve deeper into them and really understand the connection between each of the characters and what they mean to one another. There were a few moments in this film that I cried over because it was so sweet and heartwarming and also terrifying. One moment where we believe Paddington has met his doom was horrific to watch because, while you know he’s going to be fine as there is no way they’re going to kill off a character like Paddington Bear, you still worry that maybe there will not be a happy ending that you hope for.

I absolutely love this film and I feel it’s a perfect family friendly film to watch because it’s got incredible moments for children as well as a great storyline for adults to follow too. It’s a perfect blend of kid friendly fun while also having some darkness to it and moments that you will only really appreciate when you’re an adult and fully understand who Paddington Bear is and what he stands for. I cannot believe I waited so long to watch this film but I am so glad I have now and I highly recommend it to everyone, and I will definitely be re-watching it again soon.

What do you think of Paddington 2?

Until next time.

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