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What is Doctor Who Doing? A Rant

When I watched the newest episode of Doctor Who I was worried and concerned about where the show was going. I was also excited to see if it could pan out in a way that made it where it’d be worth watching again. So to then find out that it was just a special and we’re not getting any proper series until a few years time was a huge disappointment, and made me wonder: what’s the point anymore?

The newest episode of Doctor Who ended on a cliffhanger where David Tennant came back as the Doctor. As I said in my review of that episode, I worry they will bring him back just for the fanfare. I was unaware that this episode was a special, and we’re not getting any concrete seasons for a while, and have to endure even more specials in that time. I find it so frustrating because, 1. I didn’t know that was going to happen so I have constantly been checking the BBC site to see when the next episode is to never see anything, but also the fact that we have to wait so long for things to happen when so much is being teased around us.

I don’t understand the producer and show runners choice in doing this, surely by teasing David Tennant to us you want to keep that hype alive, you want to keep that excitement because surely if you wait months between each special or episodes people are going to lose interest and other shows are going to become the forefront of their enjoyment. I especially, as someone who has loved Doctor Who for many years of her life, am very annoyed that I have to wait so long to watch the show that has been ultimately so dry over the years and finally seems to be turning a corner.

Why is that a choice? Why would they not want to up the hype for the show now as we now know Tennant is coming back? I understand in a few years they are going to have the next big anniversary but if that was the plan, to hold off until then, why bring it back now? Why, as an audience member do I have to wait so long to watch a show that I enjoy and seems to finally be becoming something, when really all that’s going to do is lose my interest because I have to wait so long?

I do feel personally that Doctor Who is dying and it makes me so sad to say that because the show used to be so good. It was absolutely brilliant when it came back in the millennium and as we’ve gotten into the later years it seems there is no longer an understanding of what they are trying to do, or don’t understand what its values and purpose is. It’s so frustrating because it seems they’re almost trying to keep up with the new generation instead of just sticking to what they know, and what they knew was great.

I’ve said for years now that Doctor Who has become too family friendly, we think about episodes like Blink and the library and you immediately remember them for being so incredible, but why were they incredible? Because they scared you! They made you have a reaction. It’s the same with the Vincent Van Gogh episode, that was so sweet, and so all you need to do is elicit a reaction from your audience, don’t pander, don’t have this fanfare but make the audience feel something. For so long now it seems that the show doesn’t have any substance, the characters are cookie cutter and the storylines are vague and underwhelming. Don’t keep falling back on the same monster we already know, have some imagination! Make the episode that you want to be heartbreaking actually heartbreaking, make the episode that you want to be sweet and uplifting actually that. There is so much talent out there yet they always fall back on the same writers because that’s what they’ve always done, and it’s so annoying because they’re just no good anymore, they need to change.

I hate saying this about Doctor Who and I have been thinking about going back and reviewing the earlier seasons because they were so good and I really enjoyed them. But for us to end up in a situation where what we have now and what should be new and exciting just isn’t and doesn’t hold a candle to what we have had previously is such a frustrating situation, because the fans want it to be good. The fans care so much about the show, it is England’s heritage basically in TV yet it’s become rubbish. I have hope for the future, I do, because I have to. You’ll always have to try and look on the bright side but when what they’ve been giving us is so rubbish, that while I have such a love for Doctor Who, I definitely feel I may be coming to the point of just giving up on it entirely, because why should I put in my time that could be spent watching something better into a show that used to be so good, but is now not even worth the 45 minutes or whatever it is to watch? Honestly if these specials and this next series, which I’m very excited about, don’t hold up to my expectations then I think it’s done.

What do you think of Doctor Who?

Until next time.

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