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Luckiest Girl Alive Review

This is a great drama that shows that your past doesn’t have to define your future.

Luckiest Girl Alive follows Ani, previously known as Tiffany, as she is embarking on her wedding with her fiance Luke. Ani has a lot of dark secrets from her past that Luke does not know about, including the fact that she was once the fat and poor girl at her private school, and how that leaks into her life now where she believes she has to not eat in front of Luke to show that she is skinny and beautiful, while also binge eating when he’s not there, plus being a rich woman by having a top job and basically being a girl boss.

But there is darkness leaking from Ani’s past when she used to be Tiffany. In her old school she was raped by her then boyfriend and a few of his friends and never spoke out about this occurrence because she feared that she would be judged, especially as we see her mother does judge her for being a ‘slut’ for ‘sleeping’ with these boys when it was against her consent, as well as her peers around her. A shooting happens at her school where her other outcast friends decide to go on a rampage and it is believed that Ani has a part to play in this shooting. It’s a very complex and interesting story that has a lot of layers and really shows that victims, regardless of how much they try to get past their past trauma, always have to live with it.

This film could be seen as a bit convoluted because there is so much going on, from Ani dealing with her fiance and how his world is completely different, to her trying to prove herself as something to not only have fiance but his family too, plus seeing her deal with her past trauma and try to move forward with it and her relationships in her life, including her mother.

I like how in the end we see Ani change to be a better character, to believe more in herself and to finally get that closure that she’s wanted all these years, but not really realised that she needs. It’s really inspiring to see that she’s able to put herself first for once and get over all the turmoil that she has been through. It’s definitely a story that has a lot of interesting parts within it, but the overall story line of someone finally becoming happy and content with themselves is very prevalent and very inspiring to watch.

I definitely recommend this film, of course it is slightly different to other films that have come from this sort of genre before but it does tell a very interesting tale of you creating a future for yourself regardless of where you came from. You can go through the most horrific things and still come out on top because of your mindset and your choice to do so. I really enjoyed this film and I definitely feel it’s one you could watch alone or with friends and a bit of wine and some snacks and just snuggle up in front of a fire and melt into it.

What do you think of Luckiest Girl Alive?

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