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Buying Beverly Hills vs Selling Sunset

Everyone and their mum’s was obsessed with Selling Sunset when that first hit our screens, yet as the seasons progressed it became the Chrishell and Christina show, where we moved away from the real estate market and more to these people’s personal lives. So to have a new show hit the screen and take us back to that first season where it wasn’t all drama and petty feuds but actually had a lot more to it was really enjoyable.

Buying Beverly Hills follows a real estate brokerage where the owner has two daughters that currently work in the team. These two girls of course want to prove themselves to their father and their business, but this also causes issues when it seems that favouritism happens because they are related to the owner.

We also see other people in the brokerage try and prove themselves too including one girl who seems to have more of a passion for music than real estate, and a man who has been lumped in with this girl and is trying to branch out away from her to create a name for himself. It’s a very interesting story because you have so many people trying to prove themselves to the owner when even he doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing all the time, and to explore these lavish homes and see how the real estate market is doing and what you can get for ridiculous amounts of money is really awe inspiring and gives you a lot to add onto your vision board to achieve one day.

What I enjoyed about this show vs Selling Sunset is that there was no clear villain in the group, everyone had their good and bad points and most of the time the dramas were petty things that didn’t really matter to the grand scheme of the show. All the problems within the team included people talking behind other people’s backs and the fact that one of the girl’s boyfriends had a fling with another one of the team before they got together, it’s all very high school drama but because it’s set in a lavish area with gorgeous homes and gorgeous people you don’t want to stop watching. There’s always something going on and to see them sell these incredible homes is absolutely ridiculous and so exciting.

If you like over the top dramas that have clear heroes and villains then watch Selling Sunset. But if you want to delve more into the real estate market and what it takes to be a realtor, watch this, because it is a lot more about what it takes to shine in a business like this, and how cut throat it can really be. I enjoyed everyone in this show, they all had their own things going on and that kept the storyline interesting but there was never any big blowout that made you look on in shock or horror at what was happening, it was all quite mellow and enjoyable and it’s the perfect show to put on during dinner or when you have some downtime to just have in the background and enjoy.

What do you think of Buying Beverly Hills?

Until next time.

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