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The Good Nurse Review

I have very much been enjoying the dramatisation of true crime that has been coming out of Netflix recently, from Dahmer to this, and it gave me such a good insight into who this man was and what he did and a case that I had never heard about before.

Charles Cullen, known as Charlie, was a nurse that worked in many different hospitals during his 16 year career and in that time murdered possibly hundreds of patients using a variety of methods. From this film it mainly seems to be including insulin into their drip bags and slowly feeding that insulin into their bloodstream to ultimately kill them.

In this film we follow another nurse that works with Charlie called Amy who becomes very closely connected to him, she is happy for him to care for her children when she has to work and sees him as a beacon of hope and safety, all the while having no idea that he is a murderer.

The fascinating thing with this case and the movie is that the hospitals that Charlie worked at where he caused these deaths had an idea of what he was doing, he wasn’t the best at hiding it, yet nothing was done because it would have caused the hospital a lot of issues and scrutiny. Who really wants to go to a hospital they know people die at, at an alarming rate?

In the film we see that the hospital that Charlie is working at, at the time of this case even tried to hide evidence that he was the killer and tried to stop the police officers, even banning them from the hospital and regulating police interviews, just so they don’t lose their good name. It’s really shocking that these hospitals and businesses at their core would rather put their own ratings and money above the safety of their patients.

This type of murder is definitely one of the more scary ones because you go into hospital thinking that these people will keep you safe and help you with whatever treatment you need. You would never imagine that they would end up being killers themselves. Most people who work in the medical field are seen as heroes and angels and wonderful beings that transcend humanity, but at their core they are just the same as you and me, and if someone who has a darkness goes into one of these roles where they have a power over someone that needs their help, they can easily take advantage.

More and more in the press these days these sorts of killers are coming to light. It is absolutely terrifying to think we live in a world where these sorts of jobs can be taken by people who have such a darkness in them and yet there’s nothing we can do about it because, if they’ve never been caught for a crime so have no criminal record, we wouldn’t even know that this was happening. It seems, especially in hospitals in this dramatisation anyway, the hospitals definitely put their own needs above their patients’.

What do you think of The Good Nurse?

Until next time.

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