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Into The Deep: The Submarine Murder Case Review

I only watched this documentary because I saw many people talking about it online and I was not familiar with the case, so to find out more about it and what happens was absolutely crazy. And to think that someone was filming a documentary about this man when he committed this horrific murder makes it even more exciting and terrible, because even during a time where practically his every move was being filmed, he still felt the urge to kill.

Peter Madsen was a submarine engineer who had dreams of going to space. He worked against his old employer who used him for his ideas in their submarines and were also yearning for space, thus creating a space race, that surprisingly not many people have heard of. However during his time creating this rocket he meets a journalist by the name of Kim Wall, who seems like a perfectly normal girl, who was excited to go on the submarine with Peter. But when the submarine was found after it went missing, Peter was on the submarine, but Kim was not.

Soon theories and ideas started spreading about what happened to Kim and how she could have gone missing from a submarine. Peter was claiming his Innocence saying that she hurt herself and died and because of this he threw her overboard because he didn’t want to get in trouble for her death, but that all changed when parts of her body were found washed up, and it seems that Kim had been brutally murdered and Peter was the main suspect.

In the documentary that was being filmed during the time that Peter committed this heinous act we get to know his employees on quite a deep level, and so we get to see how the people around this murderer react to the situation, from them expressing admiration and excitement about all that he is doing and being a part of it to suddenly having to deal with the fact that someone you could have considered a friend has in fact killed someone in a horrific way, and you never saw the signs or saw it coming. It’s especially hard when you see all of the hints that Peter sprinkled through his time with the documentary makers, as well as his work colleagues, and how those signs were that he could do something like this but no one saw it.

The most horrific piece of evidence is the fact that he sent a text to a female colleague that he would kill her if she didn’t work harder. She had asked him to send her threats to make her work better, which I guess is a custom in their working relationship, but the way that he responded to her was so dark and scary that I can’t imagine any boss of mine sending me that sort of message. Plus the fact that what he said in those texts is what he actually ended up doing with Kim is absolutely terrifying, and on top of that, the fact that he also invited this female colleague on the submarine the day before he killed Kim is chilling and makes you wonder if she was possibly a target too.

What I loved about this documentary was that it was happening in real time, the murder happens part way through the documentary and so you see the build up as well as the aftermath of what happened, and everyone reeling with the fact that one of their closest colleagues and possible friend was able to do such a heinous act. I especially loved how the audience got to understand developments at the same time as the people in the documentary and so you really felt included in the group. You see first-hand their responses and and it really makes you feel for them because of one person’s choice. They went from working on a project that meant so much to them to suddenly having their lives up in flames as well as their friendships and relationships.

I highly recommend this documentary. I watch many true crime documentaries because it is a niche interest of mine however this documentary had so much more to it than others I’ve watched because it had that element of things being revealed as you watched it, there’s no hindsight in the first half, there’s no little hints that make him seem like a murderer, you’re just watching a guy with a dream trying to make it a reality. You really do connect with everyone in it so to then know what he did and how he did it is absolutely horrific and shows that what you see isn’t always the truth, and who people present themselves as isn’t always who they really are beneath the surface.

What do you think of Into The Deep?

Until next time.

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