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I Came By Review

Hugh Bonneville has been type casted so much these days that watching this film all I could think was ‘no daddy Paddington, what are you doing?’

I Came By follows a young man called Toby who breaks into rich people’s houses with the help of his friend Jay and graffitis the words I came by onto their walls. He is obviously secretive about his late night escapades and the fact that he doesn’t seem to have anything going for him in this life does cause a lot of turmoil between him, his friends, and his mother.

Toby is given a new assignment for a house of an ex judge called Hector Blake. Hector is an old white man that is everything that you would expect from upper class London, however Hector comes with a dark secret in that he has a fetish for keeping immigrants in a hidden compartment room in his basement to torture them.

Toby is of course shocked by what he sees yet no one believes him, because of course who would believe a poor young boy over a highly decorated retired judge? I did like the fact that this boy, who is clearly on the wrong path, does call the police to try and resolve this matter but of course with Hector being best friends with the police this goes unresolved and Hector is free to continue his dark escapades.

Things take a turn however when Toby decide to re-break into Hector’s house to be able to help the person in need, and things don’t go as expected and this is where the movie takes a turn.

This film, if you have seen it, reminds me of Psycho, and only if you have seen it will that reference makes sense. With the fact of Toby being the main character it’s very well done in what it is giving you as an audience member because it keeps you on the edge of your seat constantly wondering why he is doing what he’s doing, and also what is going to happen to Toby and Jay and his mum. I really like the inclusion of Jay’s storyline too, the fact that his girlfriend gets pregnant and is forced out of her home for bringing shame on her family for the premarital pregnancy is a really interesting storyline to add on to the main one, because you see Toby and Jay in this time of their lives where things are changing, and you see how the boy’s respond to these changes in their lives.

I think this is a fantastic British film. It has so many brilliant elements of horror, especially the use of jump scares and silence that really add to that fear of what is going on in the house, and while it did have more horror elements than I expected the use of the tagline thriller really encapsulates what this film is. You know what you’re going into at the beginning but the twists and turns that you are taken on along the way are things that you would never expect just from reading the premise.

I highly recommend this film if you enjoy thrillers that bring something new to the table, it feels very well made but also cosy, like it isn’t overproduced or over the top. It feels very secure and understands what it’s trying to do and bring to the audience, and it’s something that you could imagine could happen in real life, especially with the types of Banksy so rife in our community. I highly recommend it but be warned that there are some jump scares within it that I did not expect and did make my skin crawl when I watched them, but then there are comedic elements too which balanced out the horror quite well, and so what I’m trying to say here is you have to 100% watch it to appreciate it and if you enjoy thrillers you will love this one.

What do you think of I Came By?

Until next time.

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