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One of Us is Lying Season Two Review

I was concerned when season two of One of Us is Lying was teased at the end of season one. Season one is a very enjoyable watch despite the ending being a bit lacklustre, so I had a lot of reservations with the thought of season two, but thankfully it surprised me.

Season two continues to follow the murder club from season one as they are being attacked by someone called Simon Says. Simon Says sends them random messages where they have to complete tasks or they will be found out for killing Jake. Throughout this season we see the group trying to work out who Simon Says is as well as trying to make sure that the truth doesn’t come to light, especially as the whole school and town are trying to find out where Jake is, especially as there are rumours that he has fled to Mexico after killing Simon himself.

It’s a very interesting storyline because you have so much going on, from Simon Says’ storyline to the will-they-won’t-they be found out for the murders and what actually happened to Simon. I especially enjoyed how the show carried on the original storyline with the same characters but added more to their personalities and depth as a whole. It was very interesting to watch these kids grow over the season and how that affects how they respond to certain situations.

Parts of this storyline mirrored Thirteen Reasons Why season two quite a lot with Addy being haunted by the ghost of Jake and adding this little extra conflict really helped bring her character out more, along with other characters we see too. A big character that had this development was Vanessa, the school ‘it girl’. I enjoyed the inclusion of an episode that revolves all around Vanessa and what she was doing to uncover what really happened to Jake, I thought that was a nice change of pace from what we have seen for the rest of the season and gave the side characters more depth as well as, surprisingly making them more likeable.

Interestingly as I think back to season one I do think I prefer this one more. It felt much more like a murder mystery and because you already knew who all the characters were you didn’t have to slog through the old this is who I am this is what I stand for my values my beliefs etc that you have to in the first season. I also like the fact that it ended on a cliffhanger. I’m excited to see how this continues because it has become more of a standard murder mystery show and I’m really enjoying that, plus I am also enjoying understanding these characters more and seeing new ones coming. I’m excited to see where it goes because there are so many suspects in what was teased and I’m very interested to see how it plays out, I hope that it stays as enjoyable as it is right now and doesn’t become ridiculous, much like we saw with Riverdale.

What do you think of One of Us is Lying season two?

Until next time.

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