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The Pay Day Review

Watching a screener that has been sent to you for review is always so much easier when the main actor is so attractive.

The Pay Day follows Jennifer, a woman who is behind on her rent and her mum is having issues with keeping up her hair salon. One day Jennifer is fired by her awful boss, that reminisces the Devil Wears Prada, and gets a random call from a man called Gates who offers her 5 million pounds if she can steal some data from an office block in London.

Because Jennifer is so down on her luck in money at this present time she takes up this offer but soon realises there’s a lot more to it when another burglar called George also breaks into the building and tries to steal the same information. Over the course of the film we start to wonder who the good guy and the bad guys really are and there’s a lot mirroring between Jennifer’s character and George’s which makes it very exciting to watch.

I really enjoyed this movie from the get-go, the style of it was very chic, glitzy and glamorous but also had that down and out feel when it needed to. Seeing Jennifer speak to her mum and have to deal with the issues of money was really interesting especially in this day and age as so many of us are going through the same issues, but only seeing the glamour shots of London and the office building and the people within it really juxtaposed that down and out world that Jennifer came from.

I think the chemistry between the two main leads worked really well, of course they both had their reasons for doing the job that they were doing so to understand that throughout the film was really interesting. It makes you want to keep watching to find out exactly what was going on. Gates was the perfect ‘Bond villain’, he had the Old English posh voice and sitting in the bar with his martinis was the perfect addition to this glamorous but dark underbelly of London culture.

This film while being a a heist film had a lot of comedy going for it too and I think the actors really played up to that and made it a very enjoyable watch. There were little quips that Jennifer would say that really added to her character and you could really see the difference between her and George and what they were going through. Being set in London, and being a British person myself, I understand that stereotypes and cliches that come with people who live in the big city and to see that on screen was really fun.

The only downside I have to say was the ending, it just seemed to keep going. We had a perfect ending of the heist being completed, the bad guys getting their just desserts, and Jennifer and George able to go off and live happily ever after, so why was the wedding scene that was hinted throughout the film included at the end? It made it all seem quite underwhelming really, you had this exciting heist moment to then cut to a normal countryside wedding just fell flat. Maybe it was the runtime or they thought it’d be a nice inclusion for the romance of the story, but in my opinion, I really don’t think it was needed and I don’t think the romance element was something I enjoyed. Of course everyone loves a good romance but it just made the ending a bit underwhelming and I wish it had ended sooner.

If you’re looking for a film to enjoy in these colder months then I highly recommend this one, it’s a very good heist film and while the ending might have been a bit lack lustre, I understand why they did it but don’t think it was truly needed. It’s a very enjoyable film with a lot of comedic moments, the actors are great and overall it’s definitely worth a watch.

What do you think of The Pay Day?

Until next time.

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