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The Murder Podcast Review

This film really made me want noodles.

The Murder Podcast follows two friends, Eddie and Chad, as they embark on their podcast journey and hope to make it to stardom and gain sponsors. However the Ramen Noodle Review podcast isn’t pulling in the numbers that they hoped for, so when they see a murder take place in their town, they decide to investigate it and stumble upon a decades-old witch story that Chad’s family had a hand in and investigated many years prior.

This film is the perfect mix of horror and comedy, you have the jump scares and the feeling of supernatural horror while also incorporating a lot of comedy elements to it as well. Watching this film a lot of it reminded me of Edgar Wright and his film Shaun of the Dead, especially the opening scenes.

I also felt this film understood its target audience and was very clever in its execution. Of course people love podcasts in this day and age and so to see a new take on the podcast genre being shown in a horror sense was really interesting, and it showed how much people care about podcasts in the current age and how hard it can be to do them. As well I feel this is reminiscent of Only Murders in the Building too, but that one of course shot to stardom, whereas this one has a lot more issues.

One element I really enjoyed in this film was how you knew it was set in the present day. Of course we see modern day technology in multiple scenes, but the actual sets and clothing and music choices in this film was very reminiscent of more 80s horror, and so while you had the new technology showing that it was set in the present day, all these other elements really added to that horror nostalgia that we love to see. It really cements your enjoyment in it because you’re able to connect it to other horrors that you would have enjoyed before.

And while you could say this film has a lot of stereotypical characters within it they all had a purpose and did have some interesting plot points, so weren’t just caricatures of those stereotypes, they had a bit more going for them and they were very fun to watch. I think that really adds with the quickness of the script in that a lot of what these characters were talking about and showing to the audience were things that you would expect but in and new and interesting way, and I also enjoyed how every plot point in this film had a purpose. You can think the Ramen Noodle podcast was just a way to show that these boys had tried a podcast before, but it came back around and actually had a purpose to the overall story and I really enjoyed that. At no point was there anything boring or uninspired, and I think only being an hour and a half long really added to that because the story kept moving and every part of it had a reason as to why it was there.

I highly recommend this film, we may be out of the Halloween time of year now but I think as we go into the cold and darker months, these are the sort of films that you will enjoy because, while they can be quite scary, they also have a lot of humour to them too. They make the perfect night-time viewing and I would happily watch this film again and again. It is definitely one that I would recommend to others, whether you enjoy horror or comedy or just people looking into the new genre that is podcast, it has something that everyone can enjoy and I’m surprised at how much I did enjoy it too as I was sent it as a screener and, as I’ve seen before, not all screeners are as good as the big blockbuster films we see come on the big screen and come from streaming sites like Netflix.

What do you think of The Murder Podcast?

Until next time.

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