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The Challenge: War of the Worlds Review

The second season on Netflix that calls it season six, but if you watch The Challenge: Vendettas, which is apparently season five you immediately realise that a few years have passed and things have changed substantially.

This season was clearly a play-off of Mad Max, you’re in the middle of a desert with doom buggies and giant monster trucks and cars that have spikes and stuff on them, it’s very Mad Max Fury Road and I didn’t hate it.

Although in this season it is War of the Worlds, so you have the veterans who have been on the show before versus the rookies, the newbies, who have never done it before and they have to create teams of one rookie and one veteran and try to work together to make it as far in the competition as they can. Of course this causes a lot of issues.

As I said in my Vendetta review, there were people there that will bring old baggage with them that these rookies don’t know about, and in this season it’s much the same. Certain rookies get kicked out early because the person they’re paired with has issues with other players, and so you have to not only be concerned about how you are doing in the challenges but also be concerned about how the group perceive you and your partner, because you may do wonderfully but your partner could drag you down and get you kicked out just as easy.

The one thing that really annoyed me in this season, and I’m glad that they didn’t win, was Cara and Paulie’s relationship. Now Cara in Vendetta had a relationship with Kyle from Geordie Shore, the guy I was rooting for, however in this season Cara and Kyle return but Cara is now with Paulie who absolutely hates Kyle. But watching them every time Cara or Paulie won a challenge putting Kyle into elimination was so frustrating, because they were so blindsided by that they weren’t doing this competition correctly and just gunning for the win, they wanted to tear this man down and it just came across as petty.

Especially Cara. Cara every two seconds in her confessional was talking about Kyle, she seemed obsessed with him and it was like: if you’re this obsessed with one person in this house when there’s like 20 of you what does that really say about you? Or your relationship? You can say you’re over this guy every two seconds but seeing how much you complain and talk about him really makes me wonder whether there is more to it than that. Paulie could’ve been a really good competitor but unfortunately for me Cara brought him down and I just couldn’t get on board with him either. Every time Kyle was in the elimination I was rooting for him.

But what I’m really interested in between this season versus Vendetta is the actual tasks seem to be a lot harder. There was one where Paulie literally went into shock and had to be lifted out of the water because his whole body had seized up and he couldn’t swim. There was another where people were fainting and passing out in the desert in the middle of nowhere because it was too gruelling for them. They had challenges that went on for up to 8 hours and that’s absolutely insane to me to think what these people went through.

This season definitely seemed to take it up to another notch where the actual competitiveness was so much stronger and the tasks were so much harder as well. Yes people have broken bones and bruises in Vendetta, but in War of the Worlds it took it to another level and I was shocked at what they were doing. I started to wonder if I could do what they were doing and I really started to question what my body was capable of.

It is a shame that as of this moment Netflix only has two seasons on its site because I would love to watch more, but if you enjoy reality TV with a bit more of a competitive twist and physical challenges that might motivate you to up your own physical abilities then I highly recommend the show, because it is absolutely fantastic and so easily binge watchable.

What do you think of War of the Worlds?

Until next time.

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