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Your Christmas or Mine? Review

Despite not being a huge Christmas movie fan I was told to watch this one because it mirrored people in my own life, and while it was a very enjoyable film to watch it definitely still had all those same cliches that you would expect from a Christmas film that does tire it a little.

Your Christmas or Mine? follows a couple who have gone home for Christmas from university and live at opposite ends of the country, they decide suddenly on their two opposing trains to board the other person’s train instead and surprise them with Christmas at theirs, however because both people have the same idea that means that the poor northern girl ends up at the posh boy’s southern manor and the posh boy ends up at the poor northern girl’s home…do you see the cliches and stereotypes already been formed here?

Throughout the course of the film we see the two grapple with these opposing worlds that they’ve ended up in, especially as snow causes them to become trapped within this world, as well as finding out more about the other person and whether what they knew in their relationship was even true at all or something they had made up to make the other person happy. It shows how different two worlds in the same country can be and how being true to yourself is always the most important thing in life, whether that goes against the grain or not.

I did enjoy the cliches of this film because being a southerner from an area very close to where the posh boy is from was quite enjoyable to watch, and to come from a rather working class background I definitely resonated with the female lead too and her family, especially as the Christmases were so different. Once we got into the Christmas cliches however that’s where I fell off because it was very obvious where the story was going, but I think because the two main leads were so good in their roles as well as the supporting characters being very funny as well, it made for an enjoyable watch even if it was a bit cookie cutter.

This is a great Christmas film that moves away from the usual boy meets girl, they fall in love, they fall out of love, and then come back together at the end. Yes it was similar in many ways but because it had younger actors as the main cast and the fact that it collided two different worlds in England it did make for a very fun watch, it’s not one that I would watch again anytime soon but I definitely don’t feel I wasted any part of my life with the runtime, and I believe it is a good film for people that aren’t really into Christmas films at all.

What do you think of Your Christmas or Mine?

Until next time.

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