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Long Shot Review

It’s tales like these that tell me that there must be some form of Higher power in control of people’s lives, whether that be a God or the universe, surely acts like this can’t be accidental and it’s really blown me away what happened here.

Long Shot follows a man who is arrested for the murder of a 16-year old girl on an evening where he swears that he was at a baseball game with his daughter and some friends. Of course the courts want to say that he is lying and that he is using this as a rubbish alibi for what he did to this poor girl, however throughout the course of the documentary we soon find out through random acts of chance and luck that he was at the baseball game and there is irrefutable proof that his story is true.

Of course the family are able to find the tickets to the baseball game but that does not mean that he actually attended, so the defence went to the baseball stadium to see if he was on any of the cameras that film the baseball game going on and a man that looks very similar to the defendant is present. However it could have been disputed that this was just some other man so they went a bit deeper and found out that a TV crew were filming a TV show on that day at that game and spotted on multiple cameras was this man. At this moment in the documentary this broke me because if felt like it was meant to be, this man was meant to be there, he was meant to to be seen on these cameras and he was meant to be found innocent, especially with the fact that the death penalty could have been an option for him if he had been found guilty.

A man’s life was saved because he decided to go to a baseball game with his daughter and just out of luck the TV cameras were there, how can you put that up to chance? How can you say that there isn’t something else looking over that man and making sure that he was in the right place at the right time? It’s absolutely incredible how this all came together and it’s truly an inspiration and uplifting story of there being something more in the world that does keep people safe and make sure that the truth does prevail.

In this documentary they speak to lots of different people involved, not only with the actual court case but with the TV show as well, and it’s so hilarious to get them together and talk about it and the mind-blowing moment of them realising what that actually means to this one person that they would have never met or even known about had it not been so coincidental. It’s a fantastic story that you have to see to believe because it seems so out of left field. It seems like a hallmark movie but to have it happen in real life is just amazing and and such a brilliant documentary to show you that sometimes you do have to put your faith in something else to see you through, and sometimes that faith will set you free.

What do you think of Long Shot?

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