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The Most Hated Man on the Internet Review

It’s crazy to think that in this day and age people get cancelled for the smallest things online when barely 10 years ago a man owned a revenge porn site that had a huge following that would literally kill to keep him going.

Hunter Moore was a party boy who enjoyed drugs, girls, sex and alcohol. He was the standard fratboy who decided one day to create a website called Is Anyone Up that would showcase celebrity nude pictures and pictures that people would submit themselves to show off to the internet. However things started taking a dark turn in the internet world when people started sending in nude pictures of other people, people they wanted revenge on, people they didn’t like, people who had shared these images in confidence but had since wronged them and wanted them to be blasted on the internet. Hundreds of these pictures would be uploaded weekly and all of the comments beneath them were often degrading and rude, and it was made even worse when Hunter would put the person’s Facebook page along with the pictures of them so anyone could find them and harass them.

One woman found her pictures on that website one day and was absolutely shocked at what she was seeing because she had taken them in confidence and had only uploaded them to her email to save space on her phone. It turned out that she was hacked and those photos were taken illegally. Her mum, a fantastic woman call Charlotte Laws, went out of her way to get these pictures taken down, which finally they were, but she then decided she was on a crusade to help as many women as she could on this site to get justice for what it seemed was a hacking scandal.

In the end Is Anyone Up was finally taken down but the craziness of the story is that on Twitter Hunter had amassed so many followers to this almost cult-like website that they became angry and agitated at the women who were fighting back against this horrific man. Can you imagine that in this day? People annoyed that they can’t go gawk at women’s photos that were posted without their consent? It’s absolutely horrific and to imagine that back when this was at its height and women went to the police to get this resolved they were simply told that they should have never taken those photos in the first place and that in some ways they were to blame for even doing it is absolutely horrific.

I feel the internet and the world has come a long way since these days where people can post anything on the internet and they won’t get cancelled, cancelled wasn’t even a term back in those days because so many people would have had it happened to them based on what they were saying, but I think that’s nothing but good. Holding people accountable these days is what needs to be done to make the world a better place but as we can see sometimes there are still people on the wrong side of history who will be all for these terrible acts and we need to make sure that people know from a young age that, that is not ok and that it is not something to celebrate. People’s private pictures should be exactly that, private, and I can’t imagine anything worse than any sort of picture being allowed on the internet without my consent.

This is a fascinating documentary that I think everyone should watch to understand what the internet used to be and how far we have come in such a short space of time. To imagine that these sort of sites were allowed barely 10 years ago is absolutely crazy and makes my heart hurt for the women that were affected by it, and I just hope that we allow nothing like this to ever happen again because no one deserves to go through that pain. It really shows you how what one person could perceive as a joke can completely ruin someone else’s life and I’m just so thankful for the fact that in this documentary we heard of no one taking their own lives because of what happened to them, because I really think it could have easily got to that point.

What do you think of The Most Hated Man on the Internet?

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