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Ghislaine Maxwell: Filthy Rich Review

Of course this documentary was going to be a fascinating watch because of how high profile this case was, not only with Ghislaine but with Jeffrey as well, so to see how she came to the notoriety that she did as well as hearing testimonials from the victims themselves made for a very poignant watch.

Ghislaine Maxwell was a woman who seemed to have it all, she had a rich upbringing and many socialite friends and knew many people in very high places, including brushing shoulders with royalty. However, her past wasn’t always so rosy especially when it came to her father and how he seemed to have a lot of tough love to give his children. To me, this stemmed into Ghislaine having a lot of daddy issues into her adult life and thus seeking approval from men around her and doing anything she could to satisfy them.

Unfortunately this ended up with her meeting Jeffrey Epstein and the rest is history. Not only did he abuse many women and girls during his time but he also picked them out for other men to use as well, and Ghislaine herself even participated in some of this abuse too. It’s absolutely horrific to imagine a woman taking ownership and threatening these girls when she too is a woman herself and understands how horrific being in that situation can be.

This documentary reminded me a lot of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley and all the shocking murders that they committed in the UK. Myra would use her femininity and womanly Innocence to kidnap these children and use them for her and Ian’s own sick and twisted gain, much like Ghislaine did – apart from she didn’t actually go through and kill them – but she threatened them enough to make them think that if they did not stay silent anything could happen to them. It’s absolutely heinous that a woman would use her femininity as a weapon against other women just to please the men in her life, but it seems that based on Ghislaine’s upbringing, this is exactly what she did and what she wanted to do.

It’s a fascinating case where I think so many things are still hidden from it including who was part of it and what really happened to those victims. There must be so many out there who are still too scared to come forward and I applaud the ones that did and allowed themselves to be vulnerable to seek justice, because I can’t imagine how hard that must be to go against the one person who abused you, just to make sure that they could never do it to another human being again.

If you want to understand more of Ghislaine Maxwell’s past then I highly recommend this documentary. I didn’t know too much about her as a human being so to watch it and understand that more just shows how sick and twisted she really was, and while Epstein’s victims didn’t get the justice that they deserved from him, I definitely feel that at least some resolution can come from Ghislaine now being behind bars.

What do you think of the documentary?

Until next time.

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