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Downton Abbey Season 6 Review

And just like that Downton Abbey was over and everything was wrapped up in a pretty little bow.

This felt like a very odd season for me because while it had the same amount of episodes as every other season, everything seemed to move so much quicker, and one minute you’re watching the first episode and the next the last. While a lot happened it also felt like nothing happened at all.

We saw the return of the old characters that we thought we wouldn’t see again including Rose and Tom. We saw Mary finally settle down with a new beau as well as Edith finding the man of her dreams too in unexpected ways, and then of course the usual changing of the times with Mrs Patmore getting her own home to rent out as a B&B and Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes getting married.

I understand why the show ended here because I feel times were changing too much. It was 20 years before the Second World War so not too much could be spoke about in this time, but at the same time, time couldn’t be thrust forward into more challenging eras because then the ages of the actors wouldn’t make sense. I feel this era of life was a strange one between more modern times and the nostalgia of yesteryear which had moved on.

Women were gaining more jobs, life was becoming more available to new people and more opportunities were happening. Seeing Daisy go after her schooling was really interesting because you saw what opportunities were available for a young woman that wouldn’t have been say 10 years prior to this, and with Thomas going to a new estate as well you see how slowly this era of life of having maids and butlers and cooks etc. was dying out.

And I feel that’s what made Downton Abbey die out. I’m not saying it ended badly, it ended on a very high note and I felt it was the right time to end the show, but you can see that the show could not continue because the era was changing and what was expected from the show including the characters just wasn’t a part of society anymore or as prominent anyway.

I enjoyed this season. While I love this show I do look at it now and think what really happened? What was the drama? What was the craziness? And really there wasn’t a lot and you almost wonder how did it keep me so entertained for so many episodes and hours? That’s the magic of these sort of British shows, they encapsulate you into this world and you can’t stop watching because you’re so invested in their lives.

I’m excited to watch the movies to see how they continue the story of Downton Abbey, however I doubt I’d go back and rewatch the show because, while I enjoyed it I now look back on it and think it’s time to move onto a new period drama and wait for the next season of The Crown to come out.

What do you think of Downton Abbey season 6?

Until next time.

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