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The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Review

The Vampire Diaries season one was all about introducing you to these characters, and it’s easy to see that season two takes those characters’ storylines to a whole new level.

In the Vampire Diaries season two we continue the storyline of Katherine coming back and causing havoc in Mystic Falls, however for most of season two she is pushed aside for a new gang of characters coming out, including the original vampires and werewolves.

I found this aspect really interesting because the whole of season one was building up this idea that Katherine was the big baddy that we have to fight in season two, and for her to almost change sides and help the protagonists seemed really random but I wasn’t angry at it, because the characters that they bought in to replace her as the big baddies were so interesting and charismatic. That constant build up of being able to meet Klaus the original vampire was so exciting that, while I spent all of season one excited to see what Katherine would do, I didn’t mind it when she disappeared.

In season two we also meet more fantastical characters including the werewolves, and while they may not have too much of an impact in this season I’m excited to see where they go in future ones. Having some of the main characters as well become mystical beings like Tyler being a werewolf and Caroline becoming a vampire really added a new depth to their stories and helped to differentiate them from the rest of the crowd, where easily they could become side characters.

The end of this season much like season one was very exciting too with the fact that Jeremy can now see ghosts and they seem to be the next antagonist for the main cast. I’m excited to see where it goes but I do wonder with season two being so much bigger and bolder than season one, how are they going to keep that momentum and how will I not get bored with another 22 episodes? Especially as, in this day and age, I’m so used to seasons no longer than 10 episodes long.

What do you think of the Vampire Diaries season two?

Until next time.

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