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Joe Wicks: The Body Coach Review

I feel like I watched a three episode series of an advert.

Joe Wicks is now known famously as Britain’s online PE teacher but he started off life as a personal trainer who developed The Body Coach app, a 90 day intensive fitness app that helps you go from stodgy to slim.

In this three-part series we get to see Joe Wicks help a number of people achieve their goals in their weight loss and fitness through using the app, and we get to see some elements of the app to really entice you into getting it yourself including some of the recipes that are available on it and different exercises that he would have you doing. Obviously seeing how these people transform themselves in just 90 days is a great seller too.

I love Joe Wicks. I enjoy what he does and I even did some PE with Joe in the first lockdown too when I started my fitness journey, however in this it just seems far too on the nose with big red letters saying ‘buy my app!’ and while I commend him for everything he’s done and how he’s managed to turn this small passion project into this huge business I didn’t need to see a three episode advert to convince me of that.

To be honest, and this will go against everything the show was trying to sell you, everything that he does you can basically get for free. All his workouts are on YouTube, you can find them there for free and he will still get ad revenue so he will still get paid for it, you can buy his recipe books quite cheap if you know where to look (I did for my mum‘s Christmas present the other year) and so then you’ve got all the recipes as well. But then of course it’s up to you to make the effort to change your life instead of having someone there as an accountability.

I feel that a difference between me and other people’s fitness journey is that I did it all with self motivation and some people don’t have that. They need someone else to cheer them on and keep them going, and I feel that’s why Joe Wicks’ The Body Coach app comes in because they will cheer you on, whereas if you just have his YouTube videos and his recipe books it would all be down to you.

I feel if you’re unsure about where to start with your fitness journey or you’re looking at him and thinking I’m not sure about getting the app or not this TV series will be really beneficial for you to watch to know what you’re going to get out of it, and also whether you really want it or not. It’s a brilliant advert for his app, I won’t lie, and I was very interested to see more about it but I wasn’t going to pay the money for it. I can imagine if you’re at the start of your fitness journey and you’re looking for someone to help you then this will be a great place to start, especially as the meals he makes look absolutely delicious, and while I don’t agree with all of his ethos’ he clearly knows what he’s on about and is very successful at it.

What do you think of The Body Coach?

Until next time.

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