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Marie Antoinette Review

My main question with this film is why is it two hours long and what really happened in it?

Marie Antoinette follows the French Queen Marie Antoinette as she is moved from Austria to France to be married to the Prince as the countries need to be connected. However things don’t go well as her husband seems to not care about creating an heir or even giving her any sort of time of day, which I guess comes part and parcel with arranged marriages, and also the fact the Marie Antoinette likes to spend all the money and this creates a French Revolution.

This film is two hours long and I feel a lot of it could be cut. There are a lot of scenes where nothing happens, in the first say 15 minutes all we see is her travelling in a horse carriage from her home to France and that’s it, it’s very slow and could easily be cut down because it really adds nothing to the storyline. Even when we get to meet the French Prince and we get to see them married off etc. the story is so slow and boring that you think ‘why am I watching this? What am I getting from this?’ You don’t learn much about Marie Antoinette, you don’t learn much about France during that time and there doesn’t seem to be much point to the film at all.

I will say for the aesthetic it is a very pretty film, it has lots of lovely colours, pastels, neons, beautiful settings, gorgeous houses etc. It looks stunning, it’s very visually pleasing, but the storyline just isn’t there. I feel this is definitely a situation of style over substance in that it looks gorgeous but really I’m not there to just watch a film, I’m there to dive into the storyline, especially a true story storyline that just never really goes anywhere.

And I think the big kicker at the end is, as we all know from history class, Marie Antoinette was beheaded by the French people for causing the uprise as well as her husband and children. However in the film it just ends with them disappearing by cart away from their palace which has been surrounded by French people and you think ‘well that’s not what happened and why can’t we see some brutality?’ Why does this film have to be all candy floss and rainbows? Why can’t we have a bit more grittiness at the end that really juxtaposes the rest of the film? It’s such a shame because all the way through you think of this buildup of what’s going to happen to her and how are they going to portray it on film and then they just don’t. It’s incredibly underwhelming.

While I was intrigued to watch this film based on what I have heard about it before and all the gifs used of it, it is not that good of a film. It didn’t have much of a storyline, I did not care for the characters and as I said already, the ending just felt super short. This is not a film that I would watch again or recommend and I am sad about that because I did hope that it would be good and it just wasn’t.

What do you think of Marie Antoinette?

Until next time.

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