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Harry & Meghan Review

Harry and Meghan are the two most talked about royals in recent history, everyone has an opinion and thoughts on the couple, especially Meghan herself. So what did this documentary tell us that we didn’t know before? And did it sway people’s opinions on the couple more than it would have if they hadn’t watched it at all?

This six part documentary looks at Harry and Meghan’s relationship from the start up until now, how it has changed and grown throughout the years and how the couple have come to terms with what is happening in their lives. It’s interesting to see that at the start of their relationship with the couple meeting on Instagram they kept everything super secretive so that Meghan wouldn’t have to deal with the UK press hounding her as they have done with the royals for decades. Harry was very kind in allowing Meghan time to come to terms with who she was dating and get to know him on a more personal level than what the media spins about him, and while I think that was good for their relationship, I don’t think it prepared her for actual real life and how crazy it was all going to become.

Meghan is an actress, she is used to paparazzi and fame but of course in a much different sense, actors are meant to love the paparazzi because that’s what keeps them in jobs and be open and excitable and nice, whereas the royals have always come across more cold and distant. So for Meghan to have to change her personality completely with how she treats these people was clearly very hard to do, and I do believe keeping their relationship quiet meant that Meghan had no time to prepare for this life at all and when it hit hard, it really hit hard.

We saw almost immediately when Harry and Meghan’s relationship came out the press had to know every single little detail about her life, who she was, where she came from and what this meant for the royals as a whole. She was hounded from the beginning because we wanted to know everything about her, but things were spun in such a way that made her seem like she wasn’t good enough to be a royal because of her upbringing and heritage, she didn’t deserve the platform that she was being given and I think that is the most disgusting part.

So often it seems that the press believe they have a right to the royals and their family because we let them live the life they do, but we forget at the heart of it that they are still human beings, they are still normal people and yes while they have been given this insane opportunity in life they still have to deal with issues and turmoil that the average man does as well. Especially when you come into this family having not been born into it your whole life will change and not always for the better, and I think that’s the problem, people believe they have too much of a privilege and right to know everything about these royals when really we don’t and what does that really add to our day-to-day lives as a whole?

I believe this documentary is of course in favour of the couple because they are the ones that created it, however everything that they talk about comes with evidence and is fact, this is what the papers wrote about them and so you cannot say that they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes or hide anything that would put them in a negative light. Everything seemed so open and raw that you can watch this documentary and really get to understand the couple as a couple, as human beings, and understand why they did what they did and what this means for them. I hope passed this documentary they are able to live relatively normal lives and are able to go more under the radar and give their children the life that they believe they deserve out of the public eye and be treated with some normality, it’s such a shame that it got to such a point that it did in Britain and I do hope – although I do not expect – that this can be a turning point for the press and the paparazzi to realise what they are doing and to be more understanding in what they print, but yet these stories are the ones that people read so of course they will be the ones that they will continue with. Profit over everything always.

What do you think of Harry and Meghan?

Until next time.

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